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Second Quarter, 2000

Commentary by Christopher J. Kelter

 A is for absurd - as in how absurd is it that Kid Rock is making millions of dollars portraying white trash rap/rock to the masses while bands like Meshuggah, Candiria, and Tiamat can't get the respect of the music buying public?

B is for Bolton - as in how come I've never seen Rough Edge editor-in-chief R. Scott Bolton and crooner Michael Bolton in the same room? Coincidence? I don't think so.

C is for chunkiness - the stoner rock movement is gaining strength, this genre may just chunk-chunk-chunk their way into your brain.

D is for determination; those bands with discipline and determination will find success.

E is for esprit de corps; the fans of heavy music have bonded together in recent years to keep metal alive!

F is Forty Days Longing; Forty Days Longing are as good an American musical gem as you're likely to find in the metal genre.

G is for gumption; I'd like to salute all the independent record companies who have the guts to put out music by artists who make music for themselves.

H is for is for hope; is there any hope for Van Halen?

I is for the Internet which has been instrumental in giving bands a chance to promote themselves 24 hours a day and for fans to make fandom a creative exercise in musical worship.

J is for justice; justice will prevail in the fight for independent radio broadcasters - the public owns the radio airwaves, not conglomerates.

K is for Karma To Burn - instrumental rock that will amaze due to its simplicity and power.

L is for local - go out and support your local musical talent; these bands are living their dreams! 

M is for mp3 which has leveled the playing field for a lot of musical talent in the consolidating and shrinking conglomerate musical business structure.

N is for necessity; it is necessary to promote the bands you like - sharing your thoughts and observations will encourage the community of hard rock fans to expand their musical horizons. 

O is for open; open yourself to the wide variety of hard rock and heavy metal - you'll be surprised what you like. 

P is for progressive; the burgeoning progressive scene is as exciting as it has ever been - witness bands like Shadow Gallery, Dali's Dilemma, Ice Age, and Digital Ruin leave their distinctive mark on the music scene. 

Q is for quandary; can you imagine the quandary that Ratt is in now that Stephen Pearcy has left the band? 

R is for reprimand; Angel Corpse should be reprimanded for breaking up. 

S is for singer; as in Van Halen is looking for singer #4. 

T is for thanks; thanks for making Rough Edge a top site for metal news, metal CD reviews, show reviews, and metal features - your loyalty is what makes this all worthwhile. 

U is for unlimited; the diversity in metal these days has many believing that the metal scene may be poised for even greater artistic and commercial growth. 

V is for is for visionary; Vinnie Moore is a visionary. 

W is for wayward; Axl Rose is metal's wayward son. 

X is for XXXL; if the music of In Flames was a size it would be XXXL.  The sound is huge! 

Y is for yardstick; Tool may very well be the artistic yardstick by which all metal bands will be measured against for the near future. 

Z is for zymurgy - as in home brewing; so go have a nice home brew and listen to some metal. 

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