An Interview with LIONS AMONG WOLVES

by Jeff Rogers
April 2014

The last time Rough Edge caught up with Lions Among Wolves was November 2011 and things were just getting started. A lot has happened since then: a new album, "The Hosts," has just hit. So we thought we'd be digital roadies and tag along with the band.

Rough Edge: Let's take roll call, who is in the band?

Lions Among Wolves: Lions Among Wolves is:
Vinny Stagni - vocals
Zac Buras - guitar
Scott Harpster - drums
New members since last time:
George brand - guitar/vocals
Neil Thompson - bass

Rough Edge: Your demo/single, "Mind of a Child," led to the "Dreamer" EP and now you've got a full-length disc available. Tell Rough Edge readers how "The Hosts" came together.

Lions Among Wolves: Since the Dreamer EP there has been some significant lineup changes. "The Hosts" is a more matured and honed-in version of our old sound combined with fresh ideas from our newer members. The album took a long writing process and quite a long time for pre-proing and recording, but in the end it definitely paid off. We have an album that we are extremely proud of and are very happy to share.

Rough Edge: You guys just had a release party for your new album. Congrats! Are you planning on a small tour to promote your disc? Plan to travel outside of your home state of Louisiana?

Lions Among Wolves: Yes, we had our album release party at The Cypress venue in New Orleans. It was a great show. As for touring, right now it's not really a possibility for us. But maybe when summer rolls around we could throw something together!

Rough Edge: This disc has a lot of guitar and monster drums on it. Each and every sound by the members mixes really well. Who produced the album? Are you guys shopping for a major label?

Lions Among Wolves: We appreciate that Jeff and, well, the album was pretty much self-produced. We did a lot of preproduction on our own, then for tracking we did drums with Drew Ray at The Satellite Studio, then we tracked guitars and vocals by ourselves. Then we sent it back to Drew for mixing and mastering. A little unorthodox, but we're happy with the final product.

Rough Edge: Most bands are multi-rockcational. Do you guys collaborate with any other bands such as side projects?

Lions Among Wolves: As far as side-projects go, we don't really have anything serious. We do record a lot of music that is different from our own but it's nothing too serious.

Rough Edge: For all the gear heads out there, what equipment does each band member use to get their unique sound?

Lions Among Wolves: As far as gear we have a lot, I'll go ahead and list our general live rig:

Zac :
Peavey 6505+ head
Marshall 4x12
Ltd mh1000
Noise suppressor
Tube screamer

George has a slightly ridiculous setup with way too many pedals. The important ones are:
noise gate
Keeley compressor
tube screamer
noise suppressor
Sonic maximizer
Peavey 6534+
Avatar 4x12
Schecter Damian elite

Scott -
Mapex M-birch series drums and pearl vision series.
Mostly all zildjian cymbals
And Jeff Foxworthy of course

Neil -
ampeg svt7pro
Ampeg cab
Ibanez btb bass
Sansamp pedal

Rough Edge: Has the release of your full-length album amped up your exposure in and around the area and are any other metalcore bands looking to fill the bill with you guys?

Lions Among Wolves: We sure hope so. We just released the album this weekend and we had a pretty solid turn out. But that was also thanks to the awesome bands we had support us on Saturday.

Rough Edge: Where else can Rough Edge readers find you in this vast internet world? Facebook? Twitter? Time to link us up!

Lions Among Wolves: Right now you can find us on Facebook (, Instagram (@lionsamongwolves) and bandcamp ( All of our music will be soon available on most standard music services, such as iTunes and Amazon music.

Rough Edge: Lions Among Wolves, thank you so much for sitting down for a few question from Rough Edge!

Lions Among Wolves: No problem Jeff, it's always a pleasure \m/

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