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NONPOINT's Vocalist Elias Soriano discusses their "Development"

By Alicia Downs

Nonpoint has been picking up speed since recording the follow-up to their debut album "Statement." Once again, Nonpoint has hit the road on a headlining tour in support of their latest effort. But before they took the role of "big dogs," Nonpoint completed some notable summer tours including Locobazooka and Sprite Liquid Mix (Jay-Z, 311). In between sound checks and live shows, Nonpoint vocalist Elias Soriano checked in about the band, the tour, and helping the homeless.

Rough Edge: The album is titled "Development" and that also happens to be the album's first single. What is the relevance to the title? Personal development vs. creative development of the band? 

Elias: It happens to be the second single, but who's counting anyway? (lol) We named the album "Development" because it's the second part of a musical sonata ("Statement" being the first). We didn't intend for it to be taken so literally. I guess we couldn't expect them to have taken a college level music appreciation class either. Yes, we grew up.

Rough Edge: Noted that you chose to record in your home state of Florida. Any reason why you chose such "home" roots as opposed to being a band that goes out to LA and lives that lifestyle and makes an album out there?

Elias: It's expensive to travel and record, and staying alive in the industry is not about the money you spend, it's about the money you don't spend. 

Rough Edge: What do you think the ambiance of Florida helps capture as opposed to recording somewhere else?

Elias: It just feels like home. It's good to be comfortable when you rest between working. 

Rough Edge: I noticed that you teamed up again with Jason Bieler on production. What would you say he brought to the table this time around that was lacking on your debut album "Statement"? 

Elias: We worked with Jason again because he is aware of the type of band that we are and the type of band we are trying to be. He understands us because he works daily to get us further in our lives. The only thing lacking on the first album had to do with the mixing. All we did was find another mixer, didn't need Jason for that one. 

Rough Edge: In terms of label satisfaction, do you think that MCA gives you all the support you need or do you think that being a self-sufficient band you are able to maintain the theme of it being "about the music"? 

Elias: Definitely. 

Rough Edge: The sound on the new album is a lot heavier in terms of rock orientation. At times I would have to say it has an over-arching Tool aura about it. What conscious musical decisions were making in terms of sound and production when you were writing and recording "Development"? 

Elias: Every single move we made on this album we thought about for months on end. The list would be too long. 

Rough Edge: One of the associations with Nonpoint is your ability to go out the and be self-sufficient and tour and play and pack venues. What do you think it is about your live show that keeps the fans coming back?

Elias: We put on an honest show full of energy from beginning to end. We don't stop, unless we mean to and we want the audience to. 

Rough Edge: Since the last album you all have went on quite a few significant tours - namely Sprite Liquid Mix, Locobazooka, Fuel/Sevendust. What did you get out of playing with these larger production events? 

Elias: A tan and good food. That was a joke. Getting in front of that many eyes and ears is always fun. 

Rough Edge: That's a diverse audience ... how did you all develop as a band with such adverse crowds? 

Elias: We didn't give up. 

Rough Edge: You are all presently on a headlining tour with Sunset Black. How did you discover these guys and what made you think they would be good for coming out on tour with you?

Elias: They came up to us looking all homeless, asking us for change and shit. Instead we gave them instruments and told them we would be back. Well, when we came back months later they had songs and had taken showers, so we got them signed. Since they were homeless, they were cheap to bring on tour so we gave the boys a shot. Seriously, they are a band that has something that makes them great, and we're lucky to have met them. 

Rough Edge: You are known for being the band to take other bands out on the road with you. Do you like playing the role of headlining band or would you prefer some more gigs opening for bigger bands like the Fuel tour? 

Elias: It's always nice to be the big dogs of the night, but the tours like Fuel and Sevendust are such great opportunities for our band we have to take them when they come. 

Rough Edge: Pick any song by any artist that you would say is the theme of Nonpoint.

Elias: Survivor, "Eye of the Tiger."

Rough Edge: One last question, when you look down the road musically and at the further development of the band, what would you like to see?

Elias: My band happy. 

Rough Edge: Thanks for your time and hope you all have a great time out on the road.

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