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Re-Inventing the Steel Again -
Five Questions with Vinnie Paul of 

Interview by Kate Smith - January 2001

On the heels of their recent Grammy nomination and sold-out tour, Pantera is taking over the world again with their latest CD, "Reinventing the Steel." We caught up with the very busy Vinnie Paul and asked him five questions (that's all they would allow us!) about the band, their past and what's up on the tour...

Rough Edge: What made the band decide to change its image from the early glam metal beginnings to today's heavier sound?

Vinnie Paul: It was a natural evolution for us. We woke up one day and realized that fancy clothes and hair spray don't play music; we do! So we stopped being image-conscious and focused on the music. 

Rough Edge: Do you feel you're still true to your music? What keeps you enthused and energetic about it?

Vinnie Paul: Of course we do! Over the last ten years, we are one of the only bands that has stayed true to what it was all about. Our fans and our love for the music we make is what still keeps us enthusiastic. 

Rough Edge: What inspires lyrics for songs like "Walk," "Fucking Hostile," "We'll Grind that Axe for a Long Time," "Yesterday Don't Mean Shit" and other songs in general?

Vinnie Paul: Philip always writes from personal experiences that have either occurred to him or us as a band collectively. That's what makes them real and personal.

Rough Edge: Why did you want to produce "Reinventing the Steel" yourself?

Vinnie Paul: The time was right. We all enjoyed working with Terry Date but we really felt like to do this record and get the point across we had to have total control .

Rough Edge: What's the greatest satisfaction you get with your music and playing live? What can we expect on the tour?

Vinnie Paul: The fan reaction. This is our first headline tour of the U.S. for this record and we have an amazing set and a few surprises, so watch out!!!

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