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Interview with Brian Diaz of THE REUNION SHOW

By Dominic Pierce-Toogood

Long Island's best kept secret may be a secret no more. Hailing from a number of local prominent bands, (Edna's Goldfish, Step Lively and the Waiting Process), The Reunion Show have joined together to become an indomitable force ready to take the Indie Pop world by storm. Creating a buzz with their debut album, "Kill Your Television," these guys are ready to tour anywhere, with anybody and at anytime! So sit back and enjoy, this is one Show that's gonna run and run ...

We recently spent some time with bass guitarist and dual vocalist Brian Diaz on a rare day off to discuss trashing hotel rooms, the real meaning of 'emo' and when his naked pictures will be appearing on the internet ...

Rough Edge: I saw you guys recently played with Andrew W.K. As his audience would seem to be different than the people who would normally come and see you live how did it go? What was the reaction and did you get to meet the man himself? 

Brian Diaz: Unfortunately, we didn't get to play that show. Because of the Midtown tour and us having to fill in we had to cancel previously scheduled shows, that being one of them. We actually had the chance to play with him before in Detroit and it was interesting. His audience is just down to have fun and I think our music translates well to that. AWK is an interesting man to say the least. He's very passionate about what he does and that's very important. 

Rough Edge: So how much do you owe Taking Back Sunday for getting you signed to Victory Records? Seems you guys have been friends for a long time? Must be cool to be playing and touring with your buddies ... 

Brian Diaz: They have been friends of ours for a long time and it's really awesome that they were behind us in getting signed. I mean, it wasn't exactly them who brought us to Victory, but when Tony (Record label executive) asked them about us, Taking Back Sunday were like, "You need to sign those guys." It's been pretty awesome so far. 

Rough Edge: What is the biggest advantage that being signed to a label such as Victory Records gives you as a band? 

Brian Diaz: We can do whatever we want now and they pay for it. Hotel room trashing, breaking equipment, jail, etc.. It's all good when Victory is footing the bill. In all seriousness though, they work so hard for us. We are constantly surprised by what they are able to do for us, being an indie label. It's pretty amazing. They operate on the same level as a major and probably care way more about their bands. 

Rough Edge: Let's talk about the new album, "Kill Your Television." What was it like working with Nick Raskulinecz (Foo Fighters, Frank Black, Jimmy Eat World)? How are the tracks going down live? 

Brian Diaz: It was awesome working with Nick. He's actually in NYC tonight with Foo Fighters so we're going in to hang out with them. That was the best part about Nick. He was just down to hang out and listen to music. He was a real fan of what he was doing. He told us if we had sent him our demos and he hated it he wouldn't have done it. That's so awesome that he sticks by his convictions and won't work on something unless he believes in it. Especially since we weren't paying him too much money!! HAHA! Seriously though, he was amazing and had great ideas for us and helped us get a sound we were all happy with. Plus he has some great stories about all the bands he's worked with.  So far all the new stuff is being received really well live. We are actually surprised about some of the songs - some we thought would take time for people to "get," but people seem to like them right off the bat, which is rad. 

Rough Edge: Brian, you in particular seem very active on the message board from your website, (, how important is it to keep so in touch with your fans? 

Brian Diaz: Very important. I don't want to be one of those bands that people come watch and then leave and think to themselves, 
"Well, I'll never get to meet those guys." We like to hang out before and after we play. Just getting to meet people is one of the most important and fun things about being on tour. I've made so many new friends across the country that way. The message board is sort of the place where everyone gathers when there's no shows ... although (sadly) it's been a little slow lately.

Rough Edge: Can you tell us about the naked party that is referred to on the message board in the notice from fan 'IlikePuppies'? Will the pictures be posted soon? 

Brian Diaz: Oh, man. That's a girl from Cincinnati, who recently moved to Wisconsin. She's a friend of ours who is crazy, sweet, and beautiful ... and NO you cannot see the pictures. 

Rough Edge: You seem passionate about the term 'emo.' What does it mean to you and is it hard to shrug off a label once one has been placed on you and your music? 

Brian Diaz: I really hate that word because honestly it means nothing to me. Its the term that ska kids use to describe music that isn't ska, hardcore kids use to describe anything that isn't hardcore, etc. etc. It's the all-purpose new buzz word and people don't even know what it means. I got into this argument with someone about it. She would just name bands and I would say "no, that's so and so ..." Whatever. She would say something like, "Dashboard Confessional is emo" and I'd say, "No, it's just a singer/songwriter playing acoustic rock." Then she'd say what about, "Get Up Kids" and I would say , "Indie pop rock. It's closer to Superchunk than emo." She was getting so frustrated about it because I was adamant about my stance. Mainly because I'm right. I know too much about music and bands, and I love it so much that it hurts and frustrates me to see bands mislabeled. Especially my own. I am here to educate and if you can't accept that, that's your loss. She was calling me a music snob, and that's ridiculous. That's like calling your teacher a snob because he wants to impart his wisdom on you. 

Rough Edge: You guys seem to be constantly on the move. Do you ever get to slow down and what do you miss most about being away from home? What do you miss least? 

Brian Diaz: Right now we're on our first break in a while and it feels pretty good to be able to sleep late and do what I want to. I need time to rest my voice and not be in the van and all that. I miss my friends at home, but honestly a lot of them are in touring bands also, so it's rare that we're all home at once. I miss paying bills the least. That never really stops though does it? 

Rough Edge: Your music, to me, seems to cross over many genres. What are your main musical, (and non-musical), influences that have got you to the point you are now in your careers? 

Brian Diaz: Musically we are all influenced by what we grew up on, which is pretty similar being that we're all around the same age. We all love The Pixies, Nirvana, Jawbreaker, The Beatles, The Cars, Weezer, Foo Fighters, The Rentals. I think a lot of it shows through in our music too. Non-musical influences would have to be all the movies we watch. We have similar tastes as far as that goes too: "The Big Lebowski," "Trainspotting," "Boogie Nights," "Royal Tennenbaums," etc. 

Rough Edge: If you could propel three unknown bands out there to instant stardom, or even a record contract, who would you choose? 

Brian Diaz: The Exit, Armor For Sleep and Motion City Soundtrack.

Rough Edge: So if you could step outside The Reunion Show for a while to play with any band in history, who would you choose and why? 

Brian Diaz: Nirvana. They were one of the best live and recorded bands ever. I would have loved to be part of that. Their music changed my life. 

Rough Edge: For our U.K. readers: Any imminent plans to tour there? Any of the band ever visited England? First impressions?  

Brian Diaz: I really want to go. I went there years ago with my old band and it was so much fun. Everyone was like, "England is so dreary, blah, blah, blah." But seriously it was awesome. And I met some hot British women, so it was all good!

Rough Edge: So, in closing, what does the future hold for The Reunion Show? 

Brian Diaz: Lots of touring, lots of seeing the world. Next week we leave for a two month tour with Brand New and Movielife, and then the second half with Taking Back Sunday, so that should be super. We're shooting a video when we get back too, so that should be rad. Other than that, ummm ... just rockin' out.

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