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The Rock Revolution

Interview by R. Scott Bolton - March 2002

Airplay. That's what any new band needs to get their music out to the people. Without it, they're stuck playing clubs, hoping that - in addition to the usual crowd - a few stragglers will walk in and discover their sound. Hopefully, some of those people will be label reps. Probably, they won't.

The Rock Revolution, which airs each Saturday night from 10:00 PM to 12:00 midnight, PST (via the worldwide web at, was designed to offer that airplay. Hosted by legendary on-air personality the Insane Darrell Wayne and the charismatic multi-color-haired Funk, The Rock Revolution plays music by unsigned bands, up-and-comers and features live, in-studio performances, interviews, and just a little chaos.  

And, hey, they broadcast from Ventura, California, the hometown of Rough Edge. How cool is that?

We asked the "Insane One" and his partner in crime a few questions about the Rock Revolution, the future of rock'n'roll and what listeners are in for. 

Rough Edge: Tell us a little about the purpose behind Rock Revolution?

The Rock Revolution: The Rock Revolution is an outlet for spontaneous radio. Spur of the moment stuff. Anti-commercial. It doesn't have to be slick and polished like everybody else. Some of it is raw, rough, and seemingly disorganized. We break the rules every week in host content and unsigned bands that would have nowhere else to go to get on-air exposure.

Rough Edge: What type of music can we expect to hear? Any certain genres? Any genres you won't/can't play?

The Rock Revolution: I really don't think we are limiting ourselves. We play hard punk, straight-ahead rock, heavy metal, and even some acoustic folksy stuff. 

Rough Edge: I know it's early in the game, but any success stories? Any bands that were unsigned when they played Rock Revolution that went on to a label afterwards?

The Rock Revolution: Most bands are seeking to be signed when they get to us. The "as a result" comment on our behalf would be rather presumptuous. They were all working very hard to this end prior to showing up and certainly are afterward. We're just giving them a boost and some commercial airplay credibility.

Rough Edge: Anything can happen when a rock band comes to the studio. Any wild stories? What was your favorite in-studio performance?

The Rock Revolution: Setting off car alarms with the live music from the Revolution Room. Neighbors going nuts. People camping on the stairs outside. Spilled beer in the parking lot. Just the normal stuff.

Rough Edge: Your radio/music backgrounds? Darrell? Funk?

Darrell: Radio and musical background out of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Grew up in Los Angeles listening to "Boss Radio." Radio career had me spending time on the air in Riverside, and off-air radio jobs in Corona, Palm Springs, and Inglewood. On air and musical background culminated as Program Director, Operations Manager and full-time on air talent at KROQ in Los Angeles from 1976 to 1982. Heavy club scene in L.A. at the time. Influences were punk, new wave, some metal. Was out at the clubs almost every night. The Whiskey, The Starwood, Madam Wongs, OO club and the like.

Funk: Worked in radio since I was 16, interning at Ventura County radio stations. I've been on the air at more than 10 local stations, and have worked in Los Angeles at KROQ and currently at 94.7 The Wave. 

Rough Edge: Personally, what type of music/radio do you listen to?

Darrel: Ozzy, AC/DC, Ramones, Alice in Chains, Neil Young, KISS, News Radio.

Funk: Tool, The Deftones, Alice in Chains and Pennywise.

Rough Edge: What's the future of rock'n'roll? Is it alive and well? What do the talents of these new bands tell you?

The Rock Revolution: Rock and Roll is coming back. It was lost for awhile because there were no easy outlets for bands to perform or get signed unless they were a boy band (N' Sync) or a novelty act (Spice Girls). The music of the new bands is very clean and complex. The electronic trade has given rise to quality recordings for a fairly small price ticket. Most the stuff I received early on from the B52's, Go Go's, and Devo was crudely recorded ... barely intelligible.

Rough Edge: Since Rough Edge is global, will you accept new music from around the world for airplay?

The Rock Revolution: Yes!

Rough Edge: Where should people send their tapes/CDs, etc.

The Rock Revolution
The Rock Revolution
4269 East Croydon Avenue
Camarillo, CA 93010

Go to for additional information.

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