Editor-in-Chief, R. Scott Bolton, tells you what he liked best about last year's music

by R. Scott Bolton

I'm not brave enough to issue a Top 20 list, as did my esteemed colleague, Mr. Christopher J. Kelter. But I've got a Top Ten for you. And, like Mr. Kelter, I've got no honorable mention list this year. Why? There were too many good releases that I enjoyed but just weren't quite there to get on the Top Ten list.

That being said, here's my Top Ten for 2007 and, despite the fact they're numbered, they're really not in any order ... except for #1. That record kicked my ass this year.

TOP 10 OF 2007

10. The Scorpions - Humanity Hour

After all these years, the Scorps still bring it on. Another great album from this legendary band.

9. Kamelot - Ghost Opera

One of several returns-to-form last year, Kamelot's latest reminded us all what we loved about the band.

8. Machine Head The Blackening

Perhaps last year's most impressive return to form: "The Blackening" kicked ass.

7. Symphony X Paradise Lost

A lot of bands try but no one puts together symphonic and metal like Symphony X.

6. Rush Snakes + Arrows

Not Rush's best album by far but any Rush is good Rush.

5. Cage Hell Destroyer

Unapologetically metal. There's not enough of this.

4. The Fucking Wrath Season of Evil

A local band with a killer, unique sound.

3. 3 Inches of Blood - Advance and Vanquish

This band makes thrash epic again.

2. Municipal Waste The Art of Partying

This band makes thrash fun again.

1. Unsane Visqueen

A crushing, smoking heap of metal noise. I've never heard anything like it and it stuck in my head throughout 2007.

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