An Interview with Tim King of SOIL

by Jeff Rogers
July 2013

Our own Jeff Rogers discusses "Whole," the new album by Chicago's SOiL.

Rough Edge: This is SOiL's sixth album and it's entitled "Whole." Is there any meaning to the title?

Tim King: Yes there is, actually. With me, Ryan, and Adam back together the band feels "whole" again. So to play on the title we put a bullet "hole" In the cover. A play on words with an actual meaning.

Rough Edge: Ryan McCombs is back as the vocal front for SOiL. When you guys stepped back into the studio did it feel like you never left? The tightness of the tracks on "Whole" sounds like it was just waiting for Ryan to command the mic again.

Tim King: It was very natural and comfortable for us to get back into the studio with each other again. The songs came together quickly and Ryan's voice just exploded. It is definitely the smoothest recording session we have ever had.

Rough Edge: You guys have toured with a lot of great bands, anybody who you'd love to hit the road with again? Any new bands that have caught your ear?

Tim King: Shinedown was always fun. Staind was a blast as well. Would love to go back out with those bands again. As for new bands, I really dig Art of Dying and I like Motionless in White as well.

Rough Edge: Adam's riffs on this disc are great. They head straight for the bone. His solos are gritty and melodic. What sort of set-up did he use? One guitar he's particular about? Is he a gear head?

Tim King
: Adam used a Kemper amp on the album with a Les Paul guitar. He's not much of a gear head, just a monster of a player.

Rough Edge: Loyal fans of SOiL will be stoked to hear this new disc. It's got a heavy vibe and it grooves right along with your solid sound. How have you guys matured since "Scars" and how does the songwriting process happen? Does anybody take the reigns or is it a group effort?

Tim King: During "Scars" we were still young and a bit naive. Over the years, you learn a lot about your personal and band's sound and mature as a person as well. The "Whole" album took us back to those early roots but with more modern sounds and more evolved writing styles. It's definitely a group effort with everyone contributing in their own way.

Rough Edge: On the track "Amalgamation," Ryan asks: "Can I redefine me?" Is this a reference to your second disc "Redefine"?

Tim King: The entire song is full of titles from the "Ryan era" of Drowning Pool and Soil.

Rough Edge: Since you guys have established your sound and rooted your name in metal, are there any bands that you would like to mentor and help them navigate their way through the music industry?

Tim King: I work as head of A&R for a label called Pavement Entertainment, so I do that daily.

Rough Edge: Will Hunt added his prowess on drums for this disc. His stick smashes through every song with a controlled anger and aggression. Will he be joining the group for touring or is Mitch Gabel still slotted for that position?

Tim King: Will is a close personal friend and I asked him to play on the album long before Mitch came along. Will has a super busy schedule so Mitch will be doing all live shows with us.

Rough Edge
: You guys have sold a lot of albums and toured everywhere. Is there anyplace you haven't been or something that you guys would still like to do? Anybody have some cool hobbies besides music?

Tim King: I'd love to go to South America and Africa. Besides music, I also am into salt water aquariums and the ocean.

Rough Edge: Last question: it's probably been asked a lot but secondary resources never get it right. What is the significance in the spelling of SOiL? (capital S, O, L and lower case "i").

Tim King: Just something "artsy" we decided to do years ago that stuck with us.

Rough Edge: Thanks again for taking the time to answer a few questions for us, Tim. "Whole" sounds awesome and it's been a privilege to speak with you guys.

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