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An Interview with Erik Rogers of SOUNDEVICE

by Alicia Downs - November 2003

Erik Rogers, associated mainly for two major label releases with Stereomud, has returned. But in all fairness he was never really gone.  After the recent break-up of Stereomud, Rogers wasted no time putting together his new project, Atlanta-based Soundevice, and begin touring.

Rogers' partners in crime include the former 420 Monks bassist Craig and long time friend Cheney on drums. The group is rounded out with the addition of guitarists Jason (formerly of Roadrunner Records' Bend) and Billy Grey of Sickspeed.

Listeners will find that Soundevice churns out rock sensibilities affable to the sonic palate matched with an energetic live show that sounds anything but ordinary.

We took a moment to check in with Rogers for a little sound advice on what we can expect from Soundevice.

Rough Edge: Care to put a little perspective on the history of Soundevice?

Erik Rogers: Some of the songs have been around for a while. Craig, the bassist, and I have worked together on and off for the last few years. The drummer and I were in a band back in '97. Jason and Billy are two amazing guitar players that I am enjoying working with more and more everyday. We are just trying to write songs that we enjoy playing live. We want to keep things interesting.

Rough Edge: It seemed sudden how the former members of Stereomud were attached with new projects.  Was the break up expected?

Erik Rogers: Not really. Music has always been a huge part of my life, as well as the rest of Stereomud. I think it would have been odd if we weren't back out in the scene fast. We are all still friends, and I wish all of them luck.

Rough Edge: I know that Soundevice has had about five shows now. How has crowd reception been?

Erik Rogers: I think that everyone who has been out to one of the shows has had a great time. It will take a while for them to get to know the music, but I think it will be time well spent. We are going to constantly update our website with new music.

Rough Edge: Any fan comment that stands out?

Erik Rogers: (laughs) I had someone come up to me after a show and say "You guys are so different from Stereomud, but I love it." A simple comment, I know, but I didn't want to recreate Stereomud. I wanted to explore new avenues. We love the fact that the fans are already singing along with some of the stuff.

Rough Edge: Do you have any plans for putting together a full album of material?

Erik Rogers: Hell, yes. We are planning on having one done by February 2004. In January we are going to take some time off from playing shows and just record.

Rough Edge: When can fans listen to your new songs?

Erik Rogers: "We will keep putting new songs up on our website ( When we finish recording we will have it for sale on the site, as well as our other merchandise."

Rough Edge: And what about the tour?

Erik Rogers: We are currently booking shows everywhere we can, and, yes, Dallas (Alicia hometown) is included in that list. Hopefully we can make it there the early part of next year. So keep your eyes and ears open for Soundevice.

Soundevice photo by Erin Deavours.

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