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An Interview with Tim Narducci of SYSTEMATIC

By Alicia Downs

Tim Narducci of "Systematic" took a moment from the Ozzfest tour to answer some questions we threw at him through e-mail. He clarified their musical stance amongst the nu-metal competition and discussed future video and touring plans.

Rough Edge: Your album, "Somewhere in Between," came out recently. Were you satisfied with the opening week numbers?

Narducci: Absolutely. We did over 10,000 copies the first week.

Rough Edge: Do you think that you are picking up a following as you go along on Ozzfest?

Narducci: I believe so. All of the markets spiked 98% in sales after each stop. I think that says something.

Rough Edge: What makes your music stand out from the plethora of So. Cal bands with the monotonous nu-metal sound?

Narducci: First off we're from Northern California and we sing. We just try to write the best songs we can, and deliver every time live.

Rough Edge: On the overall, are you satisfied with the Ozzfest experience?

Narducci: Yeah, I just hate waking up so early to play a rock show, but after the first note it's always a great experience. 

Rough Edge: Is the audience receptive or do you think that you are already playing for an audience that knows and loves Systematic?

Narducci: I think half-and-half. A lot of kids are still learning about us. We haven't shot a video yet so we're are being exposed only by touring and radio. 

Rough Edge: Is it correct that you are preparing to make your first video for "Deep Colors Bleed?"

Narducci: Yes. We are really thrilled that we finally get to make one.  It's gonna kick ass. 

Rough Edge: Do you think that your present fan base will be into seeing you on MTV?

Narducci: I think so. We aren't going to do anything cheesy for a video. We want it to be compelling to watch and I think our fans will appreciate it.

Rough Edge: Do you think that you fit into the new MTV boom of radio friendly metal?

Narducci: If you mean Linkin Park and Papa Roach then no. We aren't bubble gum; we came from a school of deeper song writing like Soundgarden and Alice In Chains.

Rough Edge: At the same time, what differentiates yourselves visually as well as musically from the others?

Narducci: I think we are strictly about the live experience. It's all about the crowd feeding off of us and us feeding off of the crowd. We are street, no gimmicks, no make up, no bullshit.

Rough Edge: What goals would you like to get out of the video?

Narducci: We would like to do a video that makes a mark, or shall I say a scar, on videos today. We want to leave an impression - something dark but thought provoking.

Rough Edge: After Ozzfest you are touring with Saliva?

Narducci: Yes, we can't wait to play clubs, they are very intense.

Rough Edge: Is that going to be a fairly comprehensive tour of clubs around the U.S.?

Narducci: I think so. 

Rough Edge: Do you think that the two bands will be playing for similar or diversified audiences?

Narducci: I think Saliva writes great hooks. They rap a bit but they still rock. It will be just fine. The kids will get both bands.

Rough Edge
: You have covered some heavy topics on "Somewhere In Between" - especially seen in "Beginning of the End" - do you think that the emotional impact of these songs is being felt outside your core fan base?

Narducci: Yes - "Bedsores" especially. I was talking to a girl online and she said it reminded her of her grandfather that died. The whole process of his death was basically written in the song, which I wrote totally unknowing of her problem and her loss. We all experience this stuff; it's just really cool to connect with people on that level.  

Rough Edge: If you had to pick one song on the album that represents your sound and where the album is coming from as a whole (for someone to listen to) what would it be and why?

Narducci: Probably "Beginning of the End." It's a well-rounded song with all of our elements - most of them anyway.

Rough Edge: Fans are curious as to whether or not you plan to rerecord and release some of your demos - there is talk about how impressed everyone was with hearing some of them cleaned up for the album?

Narducci: I'm not sure. We have a few songs laying around from the demos that may end up on the next record. Anything can happen. 

Rough Edge: Any other future plans you might like to note? 

Narducci: Yeah, more touring and eventually another record but I'm sure we'll be out for a while. So visit us at and see ya on the road this year and the next.

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