Advice from Tim Sweeney

April 2004

As I have talked about in my past articles this year [which you can read by visiting Tim's website at], becoming a complete artist means learning from others and how they connect with your music. But that's not all there is to becoming a complete artist.

Becoming a complete artist means commitment. Commitment to yourself and your art. Too often artists lack the belief in themselves because of their lack of follow through. It's ironic. Many music artists will spend six months to a year writing songs and producing them in a studio to get them to be the best they can. However after they get the CDs back from the manufacturer, they give up on their new CD in only a few weeks. Usually when the media doesn't immediately pay attention to it or they get low
turnouts at their shows.

The lack of commitment to your art is what is keeping you from being the artist you really are inside. For example, every year I put on a four day seminar called, Music Strategies ( I will get artists who call or email me and ask if they can come for one or two days instead of all four. When I ask why they only want to come for one or two days, they usually respond with, "I don't want to be away from my day job too long." The same day job they hate which is keeping them from doing their music full time.

As you see, they lack the commitment to change. Even though they know the change will be beneficial, they will sabotage their careers to make sure they are not successful. They have forgotten the importance of what's in their music and how it will motivate the people who hear it to change. In essence, they want people to be committed to change based upon their music, even though they are not committed to their own music.

Finally, becoming a complete artist is about business. We have all heard the term, "starving artist." Well let me say that I believe that this term is a matter of choice. Artists fail because they want to. The artists that I work with who learn how to do "business" from me, all find some level of success. Being an artist means you are there to inspire and motivate but you are also there to be compensated for your music, art, insights, and guidance. You have not sold 1,000 or 10,000 or even 100,000 CDs because you have chosen not to. Not because people didn't like your music; you have not taken the time to impress upon them the value in your art and how it will benefit them.

If you are interested in becoming a complete artist there are two ways I can help you. First, order a copy of my new book, Tim Sweeney's Guide To Releasing Independent Records Part 2 by clicking here. It will help you make the changes you need in one hour. Second, if you are frustrated with where you are in life and want to do your music full time and get paid what you want for it, than make the commitment to join me for four days by registering at

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