Advice from Tim Sweeney

May 2004

"Don't die with the music still in you." A great philosophy and point that I have learned from Dr. Wayne Dyer. Too often as artists you easily become frustrated with the lack of results you are looking for in regards to your music. However, when you stop and really think about it, you haven't effectively communicated what the messages are in your songs. You hoped people would "get it" by simply hearing your music. As you have learned, that doesn't work the way you hoped it would. 

At this year's Music Strategies seminar (http://www.MusicStrategies.com), I will personally teach you how to permanently remove the road blocks to your music career's success. I will be focusing on how to get rid of  procrastination, which is simply caused by not knowing who specifically in the media to promote to and where to find your new fans. How to develop your financial responsibility. A frustrating situation for you because you are being taken advantage of by various companies and organizations ranging from CD manufacturing companies who overcharge you on things you don't need, to web sites that promise magical record deals without developing a fan base or a sales history.

I will also be specifically teaching you how to get rid of self-doubt. The main killer of almost every artist's career. The fear they have of doing something wrong that will hurt their career and the fear of success that keeps them working the same endless day jobs for years or playing with musicians that lack the true ambition to do something with their music.

As I have said before, Music Strategies (http://www.MusicStrategies.com), is very different than anything you have attended or participated in before. It's not full of false promises of fame and fortune by simply playing a showcase or handing your CD to a  person from a record company. Music Strategies is a seminar made up of 16 workshops that will teach you the life skills and strategies you need right now, to give your music the foundation it needs to truly impact people and make it the motivation  source you and your fans need to make a difference in their lives and yours.

If you and your music have something of value to say, than make a commitment to yourself for a change. A commitment to finally learn what your musical, songwriting and life influences have learned and have inspired you with.

Join me at Music Strategies ((http://www.MusicStrategies.com) and become the influence for other people in your community and for other artists.

Have a question about the seminar? Call me directly at 909-303-9506.

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