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Welcome our new staff writer!
Rough Edge Welcomes Alicia Downs To The Ranks Of Rough Edge Writers

By Christopher J. Kelter

Please welcome Alicia Downs as the newest writer to the ranks of Rough Edge.

Alicia grew up listening to old school rap. However, she credits her time in Dallas for her introduction to the metal world via Pantera's brand of metal fire. Alicia admits that at first she hated Pantera, but she came to realize that somewhere in her psyche she knew she secretly enjoyed it as much as she tried to deny it. Was this the beginning of something special? Yep! Alicia's acceptance of White Zombie and Sepultura kept her interest in metal growing. Alicia still has sore spot for death metal, but claims she can tolerate it now. Alicia still keeps her ears open and listens to a variety of music ranging from techno to Prince, as well as bands that have circus type sounds and bands that have The Doors as an influence in their music. 

Like most of us at Rough Edge, Alicia fell for the dark side when she was overwhelmed by her concert experiences and the full force of the totality of her metal experiences. Alicia likes metal to have many dimensions to it to the point where it engulfs her. Alicia knows she listening to a worthwhile CD when she gets the chills listening to it.  Alicia loves discovering bands that are about to break taking pride in being one of the first people to have that band's CD. 

Alicia recognizes that metal encompasses nonconformity and she'll be the first to tell you she doesn't fit in with the denim and leather crowd.  Alicia has stylish tastes in clothes and shoes and claims that you'd be likely to find her wearing pink amidst a sea of black t-shirts.  However, we at Rough Edge think that this uniqueness is also reflected in the diversity of CDs that she owns and the perspective she'll bring to our site.

Alicia is currently a student at a large university in the mid-Atlantic and will cover the Philadelphia area for Rough Edge.

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CLUTCH "Pure Rock Fury" (Atlantic)


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