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Welcome two new staff writers!

Rough Edge is pleased to welcome to new reviewers to our folds:

SHELLY HARRIS first began writing about music for a Chicago area music paper, contributing album reviews and concert reviews. An interview with IRON MAIDEN's STEVE HARRIS led to other interviews with big names and soon Shelly had an impressive portfolio to shop around to the national magazines where she scored many assignments. Shelly has written for such magazines as  Rockbill, Circus, Kerrang! and others and she also wrote a column for the local newspaper.  In addition, she also worked as the assistant editor at Faces magazine  in New York. Shelly is returning to rock writing after a four year sabbatical during which finished up her degree and went on to law school. Ultimately, she realized how much she missed writing and Rough Edge is lucky and very pleased to have her with us. Shelly's all-time favorite bands include IRON MAIDEN, SCORPIONS, MICHAEL SCHENKER, UFO, BAD COMPANY, AC/DC, JUDAS PRIEST, old DEF LEPPARD, QUEENSRYCHE, THIN LIZZY and STEVIE RAY VAUGHN. Newer bands that she listens to today include ALICE IN CHAINS, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, DIRTY DEEDS, KENNY WAYNE SHEPPARD, FAITH NOR MORE and THIRD EYE BLIND. Check out Shelly's reviews of two DIRTY DEEDS by clicking here.

TBJ is 22 years old and lives and works in San Juan, Puerto Rico (yes, that's Ricky Martin's hometown but we won't hold that against TBJ because, as he points out, it is also PUYA's hometown). TBJ likes all kinds of music, including soft rock, hair bands, some rap and reggae, Spanish music and a type of dance music called "Underground" in Puerto Rico. First and foremost, however, TBJ is completely into metal. He also plays guitar, bass and drums and would like to form a band but his job as a Computer Technician prevents that - at least for now. His favorite bands are IRON MAIDEN, ICED EARTH, TESTAMENT, METALLICA, MEGADETH and "just about anything that has any meaning and is heavy." Check out TBJ's review of Iced Earth's "Alive in Athens" by clicking here.

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