November 2010

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November 2, 2010
THE BIG FOUR "Live From Sofia, Bulgaria" DVD (Warner)
ESCAPE THE FATE "Escape The Fate" (DGC)
MEMPHIS MAY FIRE "Between the Lies" (Bullet Tooth)
NECRITE "Sic Transit Gloria Mondi" (Flenser)
SCORPIONS "Icon" (Universal)

November 9, 2010
ABORYM "Psychogrotesque" (Season Of Mist)
ANGUISH "Cold" (Hammer Of Hate)
ATHIEST "Jupiter" (Season Of Mist)
BEHEMOTH "Evangelia Heretika" DVD (Metal Blade)
ATLANTEAN KODEX "The Golden Bough" (Cruz Del Sur)
BLOODGOOD "Bloodgood" (Intense Millennium)
BLOODGOOD "Detonation" (Intense Millennium)

BORGNE "Entraves de l'Âme" (Sepulchral)
CRADLE OF FILTH "Darkly Darkly Venus Aversa" (Nuclear Blast)
CREATION'S END "A New Beginning" (Sensory)
DARKTHRONE "Panzerfaust" (Peaceville)
DEATHSPELL "Omega - Paracletus (Season Of Mist)
DIO "Dio at Donington UK: Live 1983 & 1987" (Niji)
ENGEL "Threnody" (Season Of Mist)
EVANGELIVM "Nightside Of Eden" (Hammer Of Hate)
EVOCATION"Apocalyptic" (Metal Blade)
FACEBREAKER "Infected" (Metal Blade)
FIRST BLOOD "Silence Is Betrayal" (Bullet Tooth)
FORETRESSE "Par Hauts Bois et Vastes Plaines" (Sepulchral)
FIST "Turn The Hell On" (Metal Mind)
GWAR "Gwar's Bloody Pit Of Horror" (Metal Blade)
HELLOWEEN "7 Sinners" (The End)
HIS NAME WAS YESTERDAY "His Name Was Yesterday" (MVD)
NAPALM DEATH "Inside The Torn Apart/Words From The Exit Wound/Breed To Breathe" (Earache)
THE OCEAN "Anthropocentric" (Metal Blade)
OCEANO "Contagion" (Earache)
PLACE OF SKULLS "As A Dog Returns" (Giddy Up)
POISON "Nothin But A Good Time: The Poison Collection" (Capitol)
POWERWORLD "Human Parasite" (SPV)
QUARTZ "Stand Up And Fight" (Metal Mind)
QUEENSRYCHE "Empire" (20th Anniversary Edition) (EMI)
ROSS THE BOSS "Hailstorm"
SACRED WARRIOR "Rebellion" (Intense Millennium)
SALOME "Terminal" (Profound Lore)
SARGEIST "Let The Devil In" (Moribund)
THRALL "Away From the Haunts of Men" (Moribund)
TIMES OF GRACE "The Hymn Of A Broken Man" (Roadrunner)
UNDEROATH "Disambiguation" (Solid State)
VALOTON "Beastificate" (Hammer Of Hate)
VENGEANCE RISING "Human Sacrifice" (Intense Millennium)
VENGEANCE RISING "Once Dead" (Intense Millennium)

VIRGIN STEELE "The Black Light Bacchanalia" (SPV)

November 16, 2010
AFTER THE BURIAL "In Dreams" (Sumerian)
AGALLOCH "Marrow Of The Spirit" (Profound Lore)
ALEXIS "Birds Of Prey" (Pitch Black)
AS THEY SLEEP "Dynasty" (Solid State)
THE CHARIOT "Long Live" (Good Fight)
DEAD SHAPE FIGURE "The Disease Of St. Vitus" (Dynamic Arts)
DREAD THE FORSAKEN "Unbound" (Nightmare)
FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH "The Way Of The Fist: Iron Fist Edition" (Century Media)
FURZE "Reaper Subconscious Guide" (Agonia)
GOD DETHRONED "Under The Sign Of The Iron Cross" (Metal Blade)
HAARP "The Filth" (Housecore)
HALCYON WAY "Building The Towers" (Nightmare)
YNGWIE MALMSTEEN "Relentless" (Rising Force)
MURDER CONSTRUCT "Murder Construct" (Relapse)
PHOBIA "Unrelenting" (Relapse)
THE POODLES "No Quarter" (Frontiers)
THE POODLES "In the Flesh" DVD (Frontiers)
SODOM "In War And Pieces" (SPV)
STENCH "In Putrescence" (Agonia)
WEAPON "From The Devil's Tomb" (Ajna)
WHILE SHE SLEEPS "The North Stands For Nothing" (Good Fight)
FRANK ZAPPA "The Torture Never Stops" (DVD) (Eagle Rock)

November 23, 2010
AFFIANCE "No Secret Revealed" (Bullet Tooth)

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