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Bohager's; Baltimore, MD; 11/29/98

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

I managed to score some free tickets to this four band show which I would have willing paid to see. I'd been impressed with Sevendust during OzzFest '98 and I wanted to see them again. Also, this show was going to give me the chance to see Ultraspank - one of the few bands I didn't see during OzzFest.

Ultraspank opened the show with a short but tight set of Korn-like new metal, but without the rapping. Not terribly original, but these guys played with conviction which is half of what music is all about.

Stuck Mojo were the second band to grace the stage. Hailing from Atlanta, these guys really had a lot of fun. Although Stuck Mojo don't have major league chops or talent, they play with an energy that few other bands can match.

Clutch were probably the most anticipated band of the night. Since Clutch have their origins in Maryland, they already have a well-established fan-base in the area. Clutch had no problem pleasing their hometown fans with their enthralling mix of Sabbath-like heavy grooves and a healthy dose of Zappa-esque intelligence thrown in for good measure.

Sevendust hit the stage and tore through most of their debut album. The entire band seemed very thrilled to be playing together; you can really tell these guys are focused. Vocalist Lajon was impressive with his range and impassioned singing. Guitarists John Connolly and Clint Lowery were steady throughout the show. Bassist Vince Hornsby jumped around with a lot of energy and didn't miss a note and drummer Morgan Rose kept a steady beat. Fortunately, fans were treated with a couple of new songs that should appear on the next Sevendust disc.

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