The Roxy; Hollywood, CA; 12/30/01

Reviewed by Keith Guillotine

The Roxy is a great, small place to see bands, but - because it's small - it sells out quickly. This show was sold out when I arrived and the delay in getting people inside made me late for the opening act, Ohm. Sorry, guys. Maybe next time.

Onesidezero was up next and they did a great job! Lead singer Jason Radford had the audience screaming from the start and kept them motivated all the way up to his final stage dive. This Los Angeles based band definitely has the potential to be a success as long as they keep Christian Hernandez on bass. His work was stunning. Onesidezero have a near TOOL-like sound with electric overtones. Their new album, "Is This Room Getting Smaller" is now available in stores.

Next up was The Apex Theory. The outstanding performance from lead singer Andy Khachaturian kept the audience's energy flowing and the crowd had a great time. If it were not for Dave Hakopyan's bass dying out during one of the songs, these guys would have had a flawless performance. As it was, their performance was a highlight of the evening! Check out their CD's first track, "Shhh ... (hope diggy)" or their MTVx video when you get a chance. You won't be disappointed!

Closing the evening was Adema. I reviewed their CD for Rough Edge recently (click here to read that review) and this part of the show was just as fantastic as the album, only better because it was live. 

All three of these bands were terrific live, enhancing the sounds on their new recordings. If you get a chance check out any or all three of these bands, please do so. And, again, my apologies to Ohm.

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