Ventura Theater; Ventura, CA; 08/17/06

Reviewed by Snidermann

Going to an Alice Cooper concert is a highly religious experience for me and, when my 12 years old daughter accompanied me this year, it made it even better. 

Alice took the stage and rocked it hard for his standard 90-minute show, complete with drums solos, beheadings and a two song encore. This show was tighter than I've seen in the past and Alice introduced a few new elements into the show that I nave not seen before (for example, singing "Welcome to My Nightmare" while strapped to a wheelchair with a surgical mask on). 

Alice also did "I Wish I Was Born In Beverly Hills" as his daughter, Calico, strutted around the stage acting like Paris Hilton -- very funny and very entertaining. 

I didn't realize that the opening act was Jada Pinkett Smith and her metal band Wicked Wisdom. What a pleasant surprise! When you look at Jada, you don't think there could be a heavy metal singer in that little body. However, when you see the band live, you know there and then that this is what she loves to do. Wicked Wisdom rocked hard.

These were two live performances that neither I, nor my daughter, will soon forget. 

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