Beacher's Comedy Madhouse; The Joint; Las Vegas, NV; 12/30/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

The Joint, one of the best venues in Sin City, is located inside the luxurious Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and plays hosts to some of the best concerts in the entire country. But, sometimes you just need to put down the guitars and go laugh your ass off at a comedy show. And we did just that on Tuesday, December 30.

The Joint was the perfect locale to host Beacher's Comedy Madhouse. Beacher's Comedy Madhouse is a unique and very entertaining extreme comedy show. There is no other show that comes close to the energy level of this wild and crazy, off-the-wall comedy madhouse.

The pre-show consists of audience members participating in dance and karaoke contests. In addition, male dancer Leonard the Magnificent entertained, doing tricks with rings, a slinky around his entire body and a sword. And let's not forget all the Beacher's Madhouse girls, dancing and going wild. Beacher's Comedy Madhouse is one live interactive thrill ride.

But rock'n'roll was not completely forgotten. At one point, comedian Greg Wilson came onto stage with KISS playing in the background. Greg was dressed in a white tuxedo and was quick with the one-liners. His comic timing was awesome and his brand of extreme humor is fresh and exciting. Greg is a major highlight of this thrilling, off-the-hook show. To put it plainly: This guy is funny!

Besides Greg Wilson, Jeff Beacher, the show's host and creator, is one creative comedy genius. His brand of humor is so unique that it takes comedy to a new level of mayhem. There are no words available to describe Beacher's extreme brand of humor - the closest I can think of are comic wild man. Beacher is all over the place throughout the show - on tables, in the audience, everywhere! This guys is hilarious!

To sum it up, Beacher's Comedy Madhouse is a wild, unique, interactive journey through the outer limits of an adult circus with heavy dose of laughs. If you're in Vegas, make sure you check it out!

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