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The Forum, Los Angeles, 01/06/99

Reviewed by Snidermann

SniderMann sez: Black Sabbath and PANTERA raised the roof of the Great Western Forum in Los Angeles, California on January 6, 1999 and I was there. I had been looking forward to this concert since I was 16, when I first heard "Paranoid" on vinyl. I have seen Sabbath three other times - all with Tony Martin at vocals - and those three shows kicked serious metal ass. However, this was the concert I had been waiting for. The original members of BLACK SABBATH - Ozzy Osbourne, Tony Iommi, Geezer Bulter and Bill Ward - together again and on tour at last. Man, they sounded clean, tight and just like they did over 20 years ago. Hit after Sabbath hit came belching forth from the stage, while towering video screens projected the band's images to the outer edges of the 17,000+ seat arena. Ozzy drenched the entire front row with bucket after bucket of water and dumped a few on himself in the process. Nobody sat down through the entire show. The entire audience stood up and rocked hard with one of the most influential metals acts in history. Any Sabbath fan not lucky enough to see them on tour, should check out their double live CD Reunion on Epic Records. It truly rocks and even features two new Sabbath tunes with the original lineup (Click here to read that review).

I wasn't much of a PANTERA fan before this show - not because I didn't care for their music but because I just hadn't heard a lot of it. However, their intensity impressed the hell out of me and now I'm going to go out of my way to hear their music.

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