The Railhead; Boulder Station Casino; 11/14/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

    It's hard to fathom that Bret Michaels turned 40 this year. For one thing, he's in awesome physical shape. In addition, his voice sounds great. These are just a few reasons why he is still one of the best frontman in music today.

    Why? Simply put, he is the ultimate frontman. He has the ability to incorporate a charismatic stage presence with a high energy performing style. In addition, he exhibits great showmanship, interacting with the fans and treating them all like friends and family. He gives the fans what they crave ... pure rock'n'roll attitude!

    Michaels' tour is a fun trip down memory lane. It is also a look into an energy-filled solo album. "Songs of Life" is one album that proves Michaels is still on top of the rock'n'roll scene as a solo performer.

    Songs such as "Menace To Society,"  "Bittersweet," and "Raine"  showcase Michaels' awesome writing and singing ability. This album is pure rock with a lot of roll. It contains cool vocals and fresh lyrics. The songs are very melodic, the entire record kicks ass!

    Therefore it is no surprise that when Michaels took the stage with his band, screams and whistles filled the room. Michaels jumped onto stage sporting one of his trademark hats, looking like he was ready to rock Vegas. And he did just that, playing high octane rock for his loyal following. Michaels performed old school tunes such as "Mama's Fallen Angel," "Unskinny Bop," "Talk Dirty to Me" and "Something To Believe In."

    All of these songs were all well-received by the audience, who played air guitar and sang the tunes that made Michaels a rock'n'roll icon.

    Michaels obviously enjoys interaction with his fans and gave them an over-the-top performance. There is no doubt that Michaels will always be a favorite.

    His faithful following enjoyed the classic Poison tunes, but now they know he is one excellent solo performer, as well.

    Michaels brings back great memories of the old MTV days. His mark on the music scene makes him an important part of rock history. Legendary albums such as "Look What the Cat Dragged In," "Open Up and Say Ahh!" and "Flesh and Blood" will always be fan favorites, but this solo album and tour proves Michaels is still an important part of the music scene today. "Songs Of LIfe" is a must buy ... it's rock'n'roll Bret Michaels style - fun and bombastic.

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