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Birch Hill Nite Club; Old Bridge, NJ; 04/07/00

Reviewed by Joe Hughes

The reunited Britny Fox rocked the Birch Hill Nite Club in Old Bridge, New Jersey on Friday, April 7th. This was one of the band's first performances together since 1992 and they were tighter than ever. Britny Fox performed over half an hour of selections from their three-album repertory, but mainly focused on their 1991 release "Bite Down Hard," the band's only album featuring Tommy Paris on vocals.

Britny Fox kicked off their set in a rocking pace with “Six Guns Loaded” then jumped into the MTV Favorite “Long Way to Love” from their self-titled debut release. Tommy’s vocals and stage presence were larger than life. Other highlights of the evening were the fist pumping “Black and White,” “Fun in Texas,” and “Dream On” from the "Boys in Heat" album.

Guitarist Michael Kelly Smith and drummer Johnny Dee both took their turn stepping into the spot light playing flashy yet soulful solos proving their musicianship, then ripping into the guitar driven “Shot from My Gun.”

Fox then slowed the pace with the power ballad “Over and Out,” during which bassist Billy Childs traded in his bass for an acoustic guitar. Kicking back into high gear, they ripped into “Louder,” the first single off the "Bite Down Hard" album and finished with their 1988 rock anthem “Girl School.”

Britny Fox returned to the stage for a three-song encore featuring killer covers of Alex Harvey’s “Midnight Moses” and a classic cover of Slade's “Gudbuy T Jane” from their debut album.

If this mini tour is any indication of what is to come, keep your eyes on these guys. Britny Fox has recently singed a three album record deal with SpitFire Records and expect to release a live CD in late August.

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