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Daytona's; Pasadena, Maryland; 06/06/99

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Baltimore's favorite radio station, 98Rock, offered a free concert in my hometown and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity - it was a blast!

REBEL AMISH RADIO, continuing to work their collective asses off, opened the show with yet another solid set of great rockin' tunes. Most songs this evening featured a heavy groove in the vein of Red Hot Chili Peppers which was very fitting for the mood of the evening. A bunch of songs from the newly released disc, "Embrace The Struggle," gave strength to their set. Rebel Amish Radio ended their set with fan-favorite "Pal" to a raucous sing-along. Rebel Amish Radio are poised to make things happen - be on the look-out for this great band!

SHOOTYZ GROOVE is a dual rap, heavy guitar group from New York City. I can't say I liked the band, but - just like watching a Tom Cruise movie - you may not like it, but it is entertaining. Having two lead singers in the old school vein of Run-DMC was a trip; both vocalists kept the raps interesting and smooth over the hard, trippy guitar, bass, and drums of the band. It was a nice change from all the gangsta rap that just doesn't seem to have much character.

BUCKCHERRY has renewed my faith in "four on the floor" rock. Take a little bit of glam rock, a dose of AC/DC, add a dash of punk, and sprinkle with a little Guns N' Roses' brashness and you get Buckcherry.

Main lead guitarist Keith Nelson seemed to have a Mike Ness quality about him - his sound was compact, loud, and solid. Main rhythm guitarist Yogi flexed his musical muscle on a few numbers and also added quite a bit of flourish to the music. Bassist J.B (who I spoke with earlier in the evening is a great guy) kept things simple and in the pocket. Drummer Devon Glenn was hardly noticeable - and that's a good thing! - it meant he was doing his job which is to keep a solid beat.   Lead vocalist Joshua Todd certainly has an Iggy Pop waif-like physical presence, but that didn't hold him back from taking command of the stage.

Buckcherry played quite a few numbers from their debut album. However, when Buckcherry launched into "Lit Up" the crowd went crazy. The crowd practically sang the song for the band. After one final song the band called it an evening leaving most very satisfied.

Not bad for a free show, eh? I'll have to do this more often - who knows what new surprises await?

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