2CENTS / I.D.M. / CEASE TO EXIST; D.J.'s Pub and Sports Bar; Ventura, CA; 11/05/04

Reviewed by Snidermann

It was pure metal magic at DJ's sports bar in Ventura California on November 5, 2004. First to play was a Los Angeles band called 2cents and, let me tell you, I've heard a lot of bands play, but none with such vigor and energy as 2cents. The music was loud and fiery got the head bobbing. The band gave away t-shirts and CDs and were extremely friendly to everyone at the bar. To find out more about 2cents, check out http://www.2centsmusic.com

Next up was I.D.M (It Doesn't Matter). I.D.M. are a band whose CD I reviewed for RoughEdge.com and - as much as I liked the recording - I liked the live show even better. I talked to band's guitarist / vocalist, Scott, and he told me the band has only been together a short while, but believe me they sound like they have been playing for years. For more information on I.D.M., check out www.IDM-Music.com

Last but not least, Cease To Exist, another local three piece outfit (whose CD review you can read by clicking here), blew me away with their stage energy and heavy music of stunning quality. For more information about Cease to Exist, check out http://www.ceasetoexist.com

It was a great evening of raging local metal. All three of these bands are constantly playing around the Southern California area and, if they come your way, I heartily suggest you check them out.

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