House of Blues; Las Vegas; 05/02/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

The Las Vegas House of Blues plays host to many types of musical acts. Don't worry - I won't list all the different categories. Too boring! Suffice to say, Friday, May 2nd Cheap Trick concert was one of many kick ass shows at the great Las Vegas House of Blues.

Because Cheap Trick puts on such an intense show, fans always line up hours before the doors open. It was obvious that Rick Nielsen's loyal guitar following was well-represented. 

Nielsen's guitar collection is legendary. It is colorful and eclectic. But, more importantly, Nielsen is an awesome guitarist. No doubt, he is a true, "Classic Rock" guitarist and has created so many legendary guitar riffs. Just turn on the radio and listen!

Vocalist Robin Zander is another favorite among fans. Is it his cool demeanor? His breezy attitude? Easily put, he is an excellent frontman. His interaction with the fans and his stylish vocals never go unnoticed. Sometimes he even blends in with the rest of the band, like a backup guitarist with a cool rock star appearance, giving the others their moment to shine.

Of course, rock star looks are only half the battle. Fans these days want good tunes. And that is exactly what Cheap Trick delivers. Cheap Trick is about fun, charismatic music. That's the band's secret - Playing good rock'n'roll. At this show, it was obvious the formula works. 

Fans crowded around the stage before the show and went wild as Zander and company took the stage. Zander's voice was perfect all evening. Everyone in the audience sang along with this veteran lead throat. Zander is one of the singers too many concert goers forget when they're sitting at their local bar, getting hammered, and arguing over who the best frontman in the business are. Many years ago, I had the good fortune to meeting Robin Zander before a show. He is as cool as his onstage persona would lead you to believe. 

In addition to the band's legendary personalities, Cheap Trick's classic musical catalog is hard to beat. Typical classic tracks like "I Want You to Want Me," "Voices," "Ain't That a Shame," "Southern Girls," and "Surrender." are perfect examples and all of these songs were well-received. Fans sang out loud and pumped their fists at the band. 

But it wasn't all about vintage material. The band also performed some new tracks, one of which, "Words," was really cool. The band's new CD, "Special One," is due in stores sometimes in July. If the three songs they played that night are any example, I think "Special One" will be another classic Cheap Trick album.

Cheap Trick Rocks!

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