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The Joint; Las Vegas, NV; 09/06/02

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

Back during the mid-eighties, I remember watching many talented bands perform at the Empire Rock Club in Philadelphia. But one group I personally enjoyed watching was Cinderella. It was pure rock'n'roll from start to finish. The guys of Cinderella performed with a certain style and passion that I truly enjoyed.

Watching and listening to Tom Keifer sing provided the hair metal crowd a dose of pure Phila' talent. I never considered Cinderella a metal band. I viewed them as a bluesy hard rock band. I am glad to state for the record the guys of Cinderella still play with the same enthusiasm, intensity, and talent.

But instead of a Philadelphia venue, this time Las Vegas was the city of choice. Vegas plays host to many kick ass concerts. In fact, many national acts stop in Vegas to perform at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel.

And on Friday, September 6, Cinderella was added to that list again. Cinderella has performed at the Hard Rock before. Rock'n'roll fans know Cinderella put on an awesome show! What better venue for Tom Keifer and company to bring their blend of rock and blues music to their faithful fans. 

As soon as all the guys took the stage, fans screamed and shouted. I know what decade it is, but the show was very reminiscent of the eighties. Listening to Keifer's vocals proved this lead throat has not lost a note. Keifer sounded excellent vocally and played the guitar very well.

Besides Keifer's playing, watching Jeff Lebar and Eric Brittingham do their trademark "swing around the neck" with their instruments helped motivate 'Rella fans to start the air guitar ritual early and often. Besides the faithful having fun, Keifer and company were enjoying performing on stage. The chemistry did not go unnoticed. All the guys looked great and performed their music to perfection.

Opening up with "Somebody Save Me" made loyal Cinderella fans quite content. As the show progressed fans had their hands in the air and singing along to "Don't Know What You Got." In addition to the cool tunes, Jeff Labar and Keifer interacted with  their fans. Labar's veteran guitar playing was one of may highlights of the evening. Drummer Fred Coury and bassist Eric Brittingham (sporting a new hair do) added to the chemistry of this tight knit band.

This rock family has created many great songs over the years: "Gypsy Road," "Nobody's Fool" and "Shelter Me" to name just a few. Rock'n'roll is still alive and well and Cinderella is proof.

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