The Joint; Hard Rock Hotel; Las Vegas; 12/03/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

    There is nothing better than the energy of a live rock'n'roll concert. Live shows always have an edge that cannot be recreated on CD, DVD or tape. This is why rock fans continue to go to concerts. 

    One concert that provided a high voltage shock to everyone inside The Joint was none other than Cradle of Filth. I knew little about the band prior to my attending this concert. All I really knew about this dark or black metal (or whatever) band, was that their t-shirts contain some of the coolest and most evil artwork I have seen recently. 

    Therefore it was no surprise that when I entered the venue, I noticed plenty of fans dressed in Goth attire and tons of CoF t-shirts. I had a positive feeling this show was going to be one insane concert.

    As Cradle of Filth took the stage, I knew it was time to rock - hard and dark. Screams erupted from the crowd as soon as charismatic frontman Dani walked onstage. Then the band turned around to face their loyal fans and began to play. 

    From the very first note, these guys were off to the races. It was incredible watching how talented and proficient these guys were on their instruments. Paul, Martin, Adrian, and Dave started to play their brand of dark metal. The crowd went wild as Dani screamed the lyrics of songs from the vast CoF music catalog. 

    In addition, two life-like Gargoyles were sitting still on the stage ... then suddenly they were moving all about! What a show! It was some of the best guitar work I have seen live. In addition, secondary vocalist Sarah Jezebel Deva's incredible high notes blended with Dani perfectly.

    All the songs from the band's latest album, "Damnation and a Day," were well received.

    Besides music from their awesome new CD, the theatrics continued with a woman on a rope spinning around high up in the air. It added a nice element to show.

    The theatrics were enjoyable, but these guys are so talented in their own right, the theatrics really aren't necessary. Just watching them play provided enough voltage to put any one into a spiral of their own. The band's unique sound and Dani's vocal styling make it obvious why Cradle of Filth is such a popular live group. The band has great chemistry on stage and really enjoy performing for their fans. 

    Check out Cradle of Filth on tour ... it's the best show I have seen this year to date. If you like high energy music with a dark theme pick up "Damnation and a Day" at your earliest convenience!

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