DAMAGEPLAN; House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 11/08/04

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

    Metal is always well received in Sin City and Damageplan was no exception when they brought their brand of metal to the Las Vegas House of Blues. 

    There are some so-called "metal musicians" out there today who hardly know how to play their own instruments. But this night     the HOB played host to two true metal legends: Ex-Pantera members Dimebag Darrell and drummer Vinnie Paul. These guys live for their music and for their fans. 

    These two metal rock stars are perhaps the best musicians on the road today. Watching Dimebag play his ax proves that metal is still alive and well. Dimebag is very charismatic on stage and interacts well with his fans. His guitar solo shifted the mosh pit into high gear. 

    And Metal fans who love watching a pro play the skins were in for an amazing night. Vinnie Paul's timing is perfect. These guys have so much energy and it spills out in the audience. 

    The other half of the group includes Patrick Lachman on vocals. At one time Lachman played guitar for Halford. I am sure some of Halford's talent rubbed off on Lachman. This guy has an awesome voice. 

    Bassist Bob Zilla rounds out the group. He is one of the best bassists I have seen. 

    In addition to their music talent, the tunes these guys have created are high energy and kick ass. Songs such as "Wake Up," "Fuck You," "Breathing New Life" and "Save Me " - just to name a few - drove the HOB to a fever pitch. These guys even played the classic Pantera track "Walk." 

    Damageplan are solid proof that Metal Rules!

    Pick up Damageplan's "New Found Power" and see the band live. They kick ass.

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