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Red Cove; Ventura, CA; 12/08/01

Reviewed by R. Scott Bolton

So we went to Chuy's for a drink before we headed out to the Majestic Ventura Theater to see Michael Schenker and, for the second time at that same venue, he didn't show up. Fine. We went across the street to our favorite local bar, Sans Souci, and had a drink. Then, we headed over to the Red Cove, another one of our favorite bars, to play some pool and have a drink.

When we arrived at the Cove, we played some pool, had a few drinks, and chewed with many others who were there who were there instead of the Ventura Theater because of Michael Schenker's cancellation. Some had come from as far as Pasadena; others were pissed because the last time they had tickets for Schenker at the Ventura Theater, he didn't show up either! Everyone was pretty pissed off. 

Then we saw the sign. "Devil's Cover Band - December 8." The evening was saved. Metal would prevail after all!

The Devil's Cover Band is basically local, award-winning rockers Helarage in disguise. They've added another vocalist and they play a lot of cover tunes but they're still the same talented bunch of guys. 

The didn't take the stage for about an hour after we arrived, so we had a drink. Finally, the Devil's Cover Band took the stage and the rocked and I mean rocked hard. They performed heavy, heavy versions of songs like KISS's "Strutter" which was a highlight, but there were also killer versions of AC/DC, Black Sabbath and ZZ Top tunes and much more. They even slipped in a Helarage tune or two which is just fine by me. In fact, I could have used more of the original stuff but the cover songs do what the band wants them to do - it draws the audience deeply into the music.

The band played for about an hour, then took a break, so we had a drink. Their second set was as powerful as their first. I gotta tell you, this band is hot and tight. They sounded great! I never thought I'd go out just to listen to a cover band, but I will if it's these guys. Their original stuff is pure heavy metal and the cover tunes rock harder than the originals.

So despite the no-show of Michael Schenker, Devil's Cover Band saved the evening.

That and a couple of drinks.

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