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The Joint; Hard Rock Hotel; Las Vegas, NV; 11/06/99

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

One question to ponder ... Is eighties style rock and roll alive and well? The answer to this question is a resounding yes!

An all out rock'n'roll assault touched down in Las Vegas Saturday, November 6 at the Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel. Leading this assault was none other than the big white shark known as Great White, led by frontman Jack Russell whose vocals sounded better than ever. The band performed the classic Great White tunes: "Rock Me," "Mr. Bones," and "Once Bitten Twice Shy," just to name a few.

While those tunes are fan favorites, Russell and company took the next step with their most recent release, "Can't Get There From Here." The new CD has all the elements of an incredible album. According to Russell, "Every record you make, you hope that musically you grow, without growing outside of yourself. This record to me represents a growth of  the last ten years." One example is the song "Rollin Stoned." This tune was performed live in true Great White style. "It's actually a song that I wrote about people that I went to high school with," Russell says. The audience loved the song and this was evident by the fact they sung along word for word with Russell.

The audience also enjoyed the stage presence and interaction that  Russell had with each and every one of them. In addition to Russell's  interaction, the band exhibited good chemistry on stage.

Great White is and always will be one of the best live rock shows. More  importantly, Great White is keeping the music alive with new songs that rock like their classic tunes. Watching them in action reveals the secret to their success ... they're having fun.  Isn't that what a good show is all about?

The other band onstage that evening was Dokken, and they were having fun, too. Despite the departure of George Lynch, Dokken is still a band filled with talent. Don's voice sounded incredible and was showcased to full effect on the classic  ballad "Alone Again." Other classic Dokken tunes such as "Into the Fire" and "The Hunter" were also well received by the audience.

Although I am not familiar with all the songs from the band's new album "Erase the  Slate," "Maddest Hatter," from the new CD, had tints of classic hard rokken Dokken.

Reb Beach, Jeff Pilson and Mick Brown all played like the veterans they are. Dokken still has the fire and the talent of a good rock band.

Rock'n'roll is still alive thanks to bands like Great White and  Dokken who continue to create new music. Long live Rock'n'Roll!

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