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House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 04/14/02

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

The Jagermeister tour recently made a stop at the House of Blues, Las Vegas. Headliners Drowning Pool kicked major ass by performing for their Las Vegas fans with an energy and enthusiasm that is lacking with too many bands today.

From the moment these guys hit the stage to their final number, a frenzied metal attitude and in-your-face music was the order of the night. Lead vocalist Dave Williams showed that heavy metal is alive and well. It might not be our father's heavy metal, but there is no arguing that DP's songs are very loud and heavy.

No stage gimmicks are needed with the songs of DP. Some bands need props to assist their music. Not these Sinners. It's in your face raw music. 

In addition, DP's band members are talented musicians. Guitarist C.J. Pierce, bassist Stevie Benton, and drummer Mike Luce round out this quartet. 

Fans proved their loyalty to Drowning Pool by singing with Williams and moshing on the floor with the other faithful.

Williams, dressed in black, provided Las Vegas fans a show that was long overdue. Williams and the guys of DP had a fresh chemistry and strong energy throughout the entire show. Fans know when a band sounds tight. 

"Sinner" currently receives lots of radio airplay on local Las Vegas stations so fans knew what to expect when "Tear Away," "Sinner," "All Over Me," "Mute," and the mega hit "Bodies" were performed.

"Bodies" was the final number of the night (of course) and put the fans on the floor at the HOB into a mosh frenzy. The song itself is a wrestling classic. But this song belongs to the fans of DP. DP has already made a major mark on the new metal scene today. 

Look for DP on tour this summer with OZZFEST and pick up "Sinner" soon, if you haven't already.  

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