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House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 10/06/01

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

    In the maze of new rock acts there are only a few that stand out with a fresh sound. One such band, appropriately titled Drowning Pool, is filled with talent and a style that is popular among the new breed of new metal acts today.

    Having a hard edge sound takes Drowning Pool into the mainstream. But it's pure talent keeping them on the radio and on tour. This is one show that is filled with true, fresh energy. The band also  has a cool name. And, in today's music world, it's important to create a household name. 

    Drowning Pool coined their name from the 1975 movie of the same name. Back then Paul Newman was the star. Today's star is Dave Williams, Lead throat. This Master of Ceremonies was given the nickname "Stage" from the world-famous Dimebag Darrell of Pantera. 

    Drowning Pool performed in front of a capacity crowd at the Las Vegas House of Blues. Williams showed fans why he is the leader of this heavy and hard driven group. Williams combines his great vocal stylings and stage presence. He is well-received by fans. Interaction between Williams and the crowd did not go unnoticed. Williams was able to deliver songs off DP's album, "Sinner," in pure rock fashion.

    "Sinner" is the debut album from this Dallas based band. The CD blends dark lyrics with a heavy guitar sound. "Sinner" is a must buy for fans who enjoy the new metal sounds. And the concert brings the album alive.

    The show was a huge success. Fans were in a mosh pit that seemed to keep growing is size. Williams and the boys played kick ass tunes such as "Sinner," "Tear Away," and "I AM." The whole album is awesome. It showcases the talent of this group.

    Mike Luce played the cans like a pro. Guitarist C J Pierce and bassist Stevie Benton had great chemistry. There will be more hit singles from DP; trust me on this.

    The set ended with "Bodies." This was the song that everyone in the House of Blues was waiting for. The crowd screamed along with the lyrics: "Let the bodies hit the floor!!!!!" When the song was over, the crowd screamed. It was a high energy show that proves Dave Williams is one of the best lead throats in the game today.

Check out DP on tour. It's real music! 

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