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Majestic Ventura Theatre; Ventura, CA; 07/21/99

Reviewed by Keith

Six bands were on the marquee on Friday, July 21st, at Majestic Ventura Theatre in Ventura, CA. That's a lot of music!

First up was Evilution. Just a bunch of overdone death metal noise, in my opinion. I guess if you like this kind of music, this band is for you. They weren't for me.

Next up was Helarage. Now I've seen these guys play in smaller local establishments before and it just didn't do them justice. Helarage is bigger than that - musically and performance-wise. On the Ventura Theatre's larger stage, they did a great  job. The theatre rocked throughout their entire set. Helarage is always touring. Check 'em out if you get a  chance. 

Deep was up next and this is awesome. I had heard earlier that they had just signed a record contract. This was no surprise to me as Deep kicked ass! Watch for their forthcoming CD!

Next up was the Babylon Whores who struck me as did Evilution. No thanks.

Shadows Fall was next and, although their music didn't really click with me, they rocked hard and got  the audience warmed up for the "headliner," King Diamond. Shadows Fall are worth a look.

After Shadows Fall's set, I decided to go home. Never being much of a King Diamond fan, it just didn't make sense for me to stick around.

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