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The Joint; Las Vegas, NV; 08/09/02

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

Metal Edge is promoting Rock Fest 2002, a kick ass rock'n'roll tour. Bands on this package include Ratt, L.A. Guns, Dokken, Warrant and Firehouse. All are very talented groups who have gone through lineup changes over the years. But these changes have had little or no effect on the music. The songs are played to perfection with energy and intensity.

One such band who drove fans into a rock'n'roll frenzy was Firehouse. I had an opportunity to watch Firehouse invade The Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. No props or special effects were needed with this group! There is no bullshit with their stage show. It's all about performing high flying rock music.

C.J. Snare, dressed in black, hit the stage with his mates. An all out rock'n'roll assault was the order of the day and mission of the night.

Firehouse handily accomplished their goal. The fans were singing along with lead throat C.J. Snare. He exhibited great vocal range. His voice sounded awesome!

C.J and the rest of the guys have great chemistry on stage. They were having fun and it showed. Fans were screaming and enjoying themselves. Some fans played air guitar along with guitarist Bill Leverty. He is an excellent guitarist with a cool playing style. Leverty is evidence why great guitar playing will always be popular.

Besides their individual talents, the group has created some fresh rock music over the years. Firehouse have a great catalog of music. Songs such as "All She Wrote," "Don't Treat Me Bad," "Reach for The Sky" and "Love of A Lifetime" are just a few their songs in extensive catalog.

In addition to creating great rock songs, the guys took the time to sign autographs and meet their fans after their set. Very cool.

There is more great music to come from these guys. Look for Firehouse on tour. They are the complete rock'n'roll package! 

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