House of Blues; Las Vegas; 12/01/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

    The boys are back in town: CJ, Bill Michael, and Dario of Firehouse took the Las Vegas House of Blues stage on this first day of December, 2003.

    As soon as the band hit the stage, the crowd erupted with huge screams and thunderous applause. The fans knew that at that very moment they were in for an all out rock'n'roll assault and that's exactly what they got. Frontman and lead throat CJ started by hitting all the high notes on the band's edgy rock classic "All She Wrote." This is one of my favorite all time rock songs and hearing it live takes it to an all new level.

    In addition to CJ's awesome vocal ability, his interaction with the HOB crowd did not go unnoticed. He talked to all the fans and invited everyone to a meet-and-greet after the concert. CJ's friendly interaction put these rock fans into a further frenzy. They were already singing along with every song and seemed to know all the lyrics.

    One of the newer songs, however, was unfamiliar to most. "Crash" is very edgy and melodic and rocked hard. The fans displayed their approval by the quantity of air guitar taking place on the floor of the venue with the band's guitarist Bill guiding them all. Bill's fretwork showed him to be one of the best rock'n'roll guitarists in the business today.

    In addition, Dario's bass playing and Michael's drumming proved these guys know their instruments. 

    Fan favorites seemed to be the classic Firehouse tracks, "Don't Treat Me Bad," "Reach For The Sky," "Love of a Lifetime" and "When I Look into Your Eyes" and the and performed these tunes with lots of rock'n'roll adrenaline. 

    Pure energy is what makes Firehouse unique, not to mention that the band seems to be having fun onstage. Simply put: Firehouse rocks!

    Pick up Firehouse's latest release, "Prime Time." This album kicks ass!!!

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