Ventura Theater, 09/06/98

Reviewed by Snidermann

SniderMann sez:

Foreigner, the mega pop/rock stars of the late 70's early 80's, performed this evening at the Ventura Theater, here in the hometown of Rough Edge: Ventura, California. The average age of the crowd was approximately 35 and that's okay, because that way I fit right in. The venue was extremely hot inside (as usual) and the crowd was getting antsy. They were primed and ready, however, when Foreigner hit the stage at about 9:45PM. The evening started out with the band announcing they had a new CD coming out soon - but they laughingly promised not to play any new songs. Then Foreigner proceeded to rock the house with every old Foreigner tune that we all know and love. "Long, Long Way From Home," "Double Vision," "Head Games," "Blue Morning Blue Day," "I've Been Waiting For A Girl Like You," "Star Rider," "Feels Like the First Time," "Cold As Ice," "Urgent," "Juke Box Hero" and "Hot Blooded." The only members of the band I recognized were Mick Jones on Guitar and Lou Gramm on vocals. Frankly, Gramm was very out of shape and took liberties with the songs that were a bit disturbing. A day after the show I discovered that Lou had spent the last couple of years recovering from a benign brain tumor. After I heard that, I had a little more respect for the man and decided that his vocals were right where they were supposed to be, even after 20 plus years. Mick Jones' guitar, on the other hand, was right the hell on with every note played exactly the way I remembered when I was in high school. He did not miss a beat, blazing through all the riffs like it was the 80s again and I know every person in the crowd knew it. Hit after Foreigner hit just kept rolling from the band in a wave of endless supply of energy. I really enjoyed the gig and I hope they come around again, because even though I just saw them, I think I would like to experience the show just one more time. Long live classic rock!

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