Ill NINO; House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 02/08/04

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel  

    Ill Nino invaded the House of Blues, Las Vegas, and brought their brand of explosive metal to a fan-filled venue.

    Fans waited anxiously until lead vocalist Cristian Machado and his bandmates finally walked onto the stage. Screams erupted from the crowd.

    Fans were jumping up and down from the band's first note to their final tune. It was a sea of the ill Nino faithful who sang, moshed, and crowd surfed deliriously. Everyone was having a full-on metal experience. Machado's interaction with the fans drove the pit into overdrive.

    In addition to the fans nearly religious experience, the guys of Ill Nino were having a great time on stage. Every band member exhibited great stage presence and electric charisma.

    Machado's vocals were awesome. This guy is one cool frontman. His interaction with his fans and bandmates creates great chemistry on and off the stage. 

    Besides Machado, Laz Pina's bass playing was off the hook. Pina is an incredibly talented musician. In addition, Laz understands the vast metal music scene. "Thank God (that) with metal music today, you're able to approach it in a non-traditional method," says Pina. "You're able to throw in some of your culture and background."

    In addition to Pina, Chavarri and Couto played the drums and percussion very well. Paisante and Luster were the guitar duo that added the final piece to this high-energy metal group. 

    The bands musical talent is also evident on their latest album "Confession." Says Pina, "When we started writing that record we all felt very comfortable with each other and we had more respect for each other as players and song writers. We were able to write as a band and the ideas just flowed." Pina continues, "('Confession'), to me, defines the band Ill Nino. When you listen to this record you can hear everyone's personal style." The new album is more from the soul."

    After watching their set, it is my humble opinion that everyone who loves metal should purchase "Confession." Simply put - it kicks ass! Songs such as "How Can I Live?" "Unframed," "Numb" and "Cleansing" are heavy and very well-written. 

    Take it from me, this is one high energy show! Ill Nino rocks!

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