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The Livery; Ventura, CA; 05/19/03

Reviewed by Pud

Nardcore. Definition: hardcore music from the Oxnard, CA community, originating circa 1981. Class is in session, kids, so pay attention. We all know that punk(?) rock is in fashion these days. What was once an underground, anti-establishment, artistic movement has become a parody of itself. Except in the 'Nard. The 'Nard still does things as they have since the early 80s: underground, hard, and with credibility.  

Sunday, May 18th, 2003 brought together current scene studs, Missing 23rd, and In Control, along with Nardcore legends Ill Repute. This show at Ventura's Livery was totally sold out and the blending of old school bands with new school bands made for a truly all ages show, as ages 5 to 50 were represented. 

Ill Repute is one of the founders of Nardcore, with guitarist Tony Cortez the recognized Mayor of the 'Nard. They played a familiar set of early IR tunes which all seem to be pretty relevant to this day. 

The Missing 23rd fucking shredded as usual. "Hate" and "On Your Knees" had the young punks flying around the pit. M23 continue to move up on the band food chain. They just went out on the road with Bad Religion and now they scored another major tour, but I forget which one because I was really stoned when they told me. 

I've only seen In Control twice, but they go fast and heavy and have the 'Nard trademark of being a very tight band. The kids go off when they play and they have a lead singer who is so cute, and absolutely spontaneous. The dude knows how to work the crowd like a motherfucker and he kicked my daughter in the head. She loved it. What is a father to do?

For twenty years, the 'Nard scene has produced top-notch bands. This show proved it once again.

Class Dismissed.

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