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Silver Bowl Park; Las Vegas, NV; 06/01/02

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

Jethro Tull continues to excite fans and connect them to latest technology. In the age of the DVD, Ian Anderson and company have released their video contribution to the music world. Titled "Living With The Past," this DVD collection brings forth timeless music which will entertain past, present and future music generations. Jethro Tull proves classic rock songs never fade; just like fine wines which improve with age.

But for some Tull fans a CD or DVD is not enough. A live dose of Ian Anderson is what they're looking for. Anderson is so energetic and definitely a class act. Who is more famous for playing the flute in rock'n'roll? Ian is and will always be the voice of this multi-talented group. Ian performed songs with a flair and style that elevated the group to major stardom during the 70s and 80s. He is certainly a multi-talented musician with lots of style and passion for his craft.

In addition to Tull's fine talent, fans of the Las Vegas show enjoyed Martin Barre's guitarwork. The hot Vegas weather did not keep fans from enjoying the rhythm section of Tull as well. Bassist Jonathan Noyce and drummer Doane Perry contributed to the legend of Tull. Last, but not least, Andrew Giddings played his keyboard with high energy. 

Ian's legendary flute playing was not kept to a minimum. The cheering of the Las Vegas crowds and their full singing along was evidence that Tull is a group that is out to have fun and keep their fans happy. With a catalog of endless classic rock songs such as "A Song For Jeffrey" (which is a tribute to a former band  member) Tull fans were kept happy. Also performed were "Locomotive Breath," "Aqualung" and "Hunt By Numbers." 

Anderson commanded the stage with passion and as though he were on a mission to entertain. Jethro Tull's music drove fans to constantly cheer. By the size of the crowd and their joyful singing and screaming, Tull fully succeeded in its mission. 

Tull's music is timeless, on disc or live in concert. The term "classic rock" must have been coined for Jethro Tull. 

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