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House of Blues; Las Vegas; 12/01/02

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

There are a few guitarists who are considered the best at their craft. The one simple characteristic that separates the average guitarist from godlike status is talent.

But most music fans have differing opinions on judging talent. Some judge talent on how long one has played their instrument. Some music fans base it on how fast they can shred. Remember, music is subjective!

Still, most knowledgeable fans agree, Joe Satriani is undoubtedly one of the best guitarist in his profession. The sounds he produces from this guitar are unique and melodic.

From the moment he jumped onto the House of Blues stage to his final pluck of the string, Satriani shows Las Vegas House of Blues fans' that lyrics are overrated. And watching the Las Vegas HOB fans playing along with the world famous air guitar, proves Satriani is delivering an exciting guitar performance.

In addition to the crowd playing along, some fans were whistling and throwing their hands in the air. Some music addicts were jumping up and down. You get the picture ... one kick ass time. 

Even with all his talent, Satriani's band members added the extra steam that rounded out the sound. Yes, Satriani is not on stage alone. Satriani was backed by a very talented group of musicians. On stage with him was Galen Henson on guitar, Matt Bissonette on bass, and Jeff Campitelli on drums. I was not familiar with these guys, but needless to say these musicians were awesome. All this talent on stage played one high energy set of music. 

Satriani's most recent album release is entitled "Strange Beautiful Music" and made new fans while satisfying the old loyal 
guard. In addition to his most recent release, his many other albums are all worth checking out. But especially check out the cult classics "Surfing with the Alien" and "Not On This Earth."

Even with all the great tracks Satriani has created over his long career there is no substitute for a live performance. His stage presence and guitar playing are amazing. His speed and melodic playing style takes guitar playing to the next level. Satriani is definitely an inspiration to the novice guitarist as well as to veterans. 

Catch him out on the road. Joe Rocks!

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