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Daytona's; Pasadena, MD - 02/21/1999

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Daytona's was the place to be as King's X and Galactic Cowboys brought their tour to Riviera Beach, Maryland on February 21, 1999.

Local favorites Rebel Amish Radio were given a generous thirty-five minute set to open the show. Rebel Amish Radio played a spirited set that included "Pain" and "Indecision" as well as some songs from their forthcoming CD "Embrace the Struggle." The modern and heavy music style of Rebel Amish Radio went over very well. Rebel Amish Radio includes George Bold on guitar and vocals, Derrick Dorsey on bass, Mike Sipple on drums, and Deanna Barney on percussion and vocals. The band was very excited to be opening for one of their favorite bands.

Galactic Cowboys hit the stage with all cylinders firing. Combining the best of heavy grooves and melodic vocals their stage act loses none of the luster of their studio work. Bassist Monty Colvin played like a maniac all night - the man has enough energy to fight off a horde of wild hyenas (or least enough energy to outrun them). Vocalist Ben Huggins used all of his charm, humor, and good spirits to keep the crowd engaged in sing-alongs. Huggins' exhortations of "Aha, we know the material!" and a wide grin certainly let everyone know he was having as much fun as the fans were. Guitarist Wally Farkas kept the rhythms heavy while playing the calm counterpart to the frantic Colvin. New
drummer Chris Tatuaka fit in very nicely keeping a solid beat. Galactic Cowboys played many songs from their new release "At The End Of The Day" including "Nothing To Say." They also offered fan favorites such as "If I Were A Killer," "Circles In The Fields," and "Tilt-A-Whirl." The Galactic Cowboys are a band that truly love what they are doing and it shows in their rapport with the audience as well as their enthusiasm.

King's X  - what else can be said - were phenomenal. Whereas the Galactic Cowboys reach out and grab you, King's X simply reach out and pull you in. Doug Pinnick's soulful voice is one of the most unique elements to be found in music today. Ty Tabor, supplied the melodic aura with his creative guitar work with power chord grooves and supple arpeggios.  Tabor's soloing was solid and clear. Jerry Gaskill kept solid rhythm at all times - Gaskill was very absorbed with the music and seemed to be in his element pounding the drum kit. All three were on target with their vocal harmonies - a rare event in today's hard rock.

King's X drew at least one song from every one of their discs. Songs included "Goldilox" from "Out Of The Silent Planet," "Over My Head" from "Gretchen Goes To Nebraska," "Lost In Germany" from the self-titled album, "Go To Hell" from "Dogman," "Train" from "Ear Candy." The intense "Over My Head" garnered quite a bit of interacting from the crowd as Doug Pinnick's impassioned vocals drew them in.

The King's X encore included "Fade" from the new CD "Tape Head" and "We Were Born To Be Loved" from the classic "Faith Hope Love." "Fade" has a simple riff, yet contains a subtle variation, that makes the tune all the more likable. "We Were Born To Be Loved" was a nod to the days of the band's progressive past with a heavy riff that led to a lengthy jam that kept the crowd on the edge.

This show was solid from top to bottom. It would be incomprehensible that anyone left the show disappointed in the least. A great night of entertainment was provided by three top notch acts and an enjoyable time was had by all.

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