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Jaxx; West Springfield, VA - 10/19/2001

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

For once, getting to a King's X show didnít involve any particular risk to my life or well-being. The weather cooperated, the traffic was manageable, and there was a very good vibe in the air. When a night starts off this good I know Iím usually in for a good evening.

After a few opening bands that I couldnít be bothered to see, I ventured out to catch some of the MOKE set. Englandís MOKE have begun touring the United States with fervor, playing as many venues as they can, and hanging out with fans new and old alike. MOKE arenít metal, but are very good guitar based rock with a heavy emphasis on emotive vocals. MOKE are a perfect fit for the King's X sound and made for a good twin bill.

King's X opened up with "Groove Machine" (hey, Kevin Ė did you like that or what?) Ė this song works in the live environs due to its simplicity and supple groove. Without taking too long, King's X proceeded to play more great songs that were culled from the bandís entire history including some gems that hadnít been played in recent years. Here's the list (in a recorded history order):

World Around Me
What Is This
Send A Message
We Were Born To Be Loved
The Big Picture
Flies and Blue Skies
(Thinking and Wondering) What I'm Gonna Do
Looking For Love
Mr. Evil
She's Gone Away
Marshmallow Field
Manic Moonlight
False Alarm
The Other Side

The King's X set was inspired in a subdued way. With the recent terrorist attacks weighing heavily on everyoneís mind, it seemed like some of the messages that King's X have been espousing for years in their songs rang just a bit more true. People seemed to listen just a bit more intently to what Doug Pinnick had to say, sang with the band with a little more emotion, and probably enjoyed themselves just a bit more through out the set than they might have in past shows.

And, finally, props must go to Kevin for getting King's X to 'perform' the effervescent "Water Ceremony"; this useless track was turned into a humorous (albeit brief) comic relief segment. 

King's X are touring the US yet again from late January through early March 2002 - check the Metal Blade website for more touring info:

As always, a big 'hails' to JAXX for being a great venue!

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