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April 16, 1999; Arrowhead Pond; Anaheim, CA

Reviewed by Paco

Korn rocks. Zombie isn't bad, but Korn rocks. That's the consensus of our group of five who went to the "Rock Is Dead" concert at the Arrowhead Pond in Anaheim on Friday, April 16th.

Rob Zombie opened the show and focused mainly on material from his latest solo release and White Zombie's "Astro-Creep: 2000" CD. Rob Zombie was energetic and spent plenty of time running around the stage, but the lighting and staging actually seemed to detract from the show. The stage set looked like an "ancient temple of Zombie" and it looked pretty cool. But, the nearly constant strobe lights directed out toward the crowd made it difficult to see what was going on on stage. The fireworks and flame throwers were very cool and well timed, though.

An arena concert never has great sound, but it seemed to be particularly bad during Zombie's set. Even when he was playing very familiar songs, like "More Human Than Human," it was often difficult to tell where he was in the song (especially since the band was playing quite a bit faster than on the CD). Overall, Zombie's set was OK, but with fewer strobe lights and better sound it would have been better.

Korn did not seem to be afflicted by the same problems as Rob Zombie. The lighting, although often directed outward, did not have the same blinding effect as Zombie's strobes, and their sound was quite a bit better. But it was Korn's overall performance and energy that really made the show. The entire band was running around the stage through most of their set. They covered mostly material from their newest CD, "Follow The Leader," and they also did a fair number of older songs too. It's hard to say much else about it. Korn was simply awesome. Between their set and two encores, they played for nearly 90 minutes and the crowd at the Pond was on their feet for most of it.

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