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Ventura Theater; Ventura, CA; 11/99

Reviewed by Lou Moreau

George Lynch and the newly revitalized Lynch Mob played to a small crowd here in Ventura tonight
and that's surprising. Surprising because Lynch Mob's new sound is closer to the extremely popular rap/metal of Limp Bizkit or Kid Rock than the classic hard rock of Dokken. Maybe the word just hasn't got out yet that Lynch Mob has a different sound - or, perhaps, word has.

The band played lots of material from their new album and - for the most part - played it well. However, the new material lacked any fresh punch, especially with the plethora of metal/rap bands out there today, and the audience was restless for some classic Dokken.

They got it. The band played a few, including "Tooth and Nail," "Kiss of Death," "Mr. Scary." They also played a number of non-rap Lynch Mob tunes, including "Wicked Sensation" and "River Of Love." Unfortunately, they played nothing from the second Lynch Mob album, one of my favorites.

Although George Lynch was more into the performance than the last time I saw him with Dokken, he seemed tired at times, although that may have been more out of disappointment in the small crowd than of a lack of interest in the music. When it came time to shred, however, Lynch did it in typical George Lynch style. However, he apparently didn't bring his usual collection of guitars. Throughout the evening, Lynch only brought a total of four guitars onstage - I missed seeing some of his legendary axes.

The new Lynch Mob are tight, fresh, energetic and really young. Lynch's age was apparent beside them. But their energy often blended with his, and some of the songs were performed with real charisma and flair.

I got a chance to speak briefly with George before the show. He looked to be in good health - imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger in baggie clothes. We discussed nutrition and exercise - Lynch complained that he hadn't been able to work out in weeks. I also asked him about his thoughts on the new Dokken CD with Reb Beach. Lynch said he thought it was overproduced and perhaps a little stale.

When the show was over, the crowd seemed to have had a good time. There were a few disparaging comments were made about the induction of rap into the Lynch Mob sound, but, for the most part, everyone seemed happy.

Of course, only time will tell how the new Lynch Mob sound will go over.

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