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The Joint; Hard Rock Hotel; Las Vegas, NV; 12/29/99

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

Call it speed metal, thrash or heavy metal, the words just don't do justice in describing Megadeth's live performance. I have two words for you,  HIGH ENERGY. 

Dave Mustaine and the boys of Megadeth touched down in Las Vegas on  December, 29 at the Joint inside the Hard Rock Hotel. From their first step onto the stage to their final encore, Mustaine and company's explosive guitar  playing was the highlight of the night and did not go unnoticed. 

"Angry Again," "Symphony of Destruction," and "Peace Sells" were just a  few songs that were performed and they showcased the band's unique  songwriting and veteran guitar playing. 

Marty Friedman is an incredible guitar player who pleased the audience  with heavy power chords and fast playing. Audience approval was evident with  heads bobbing up and down to the heavy chords and clean complicated solos  that are a part of Megadeth's trademark sound. 

Besides sound, the chemistry on stage between Mustaine and Friedman was  good. The band jelled on stage and during the classic Megadeth favorites crowd participation was not kept to a minimum. Fists in the air, air-guitars, not to mention skin, an important ingredient in any hard rock show. All those ingredients played a large part of the encore when the band ended with "Anarchy," a song that is a theme for all generations. 

All my expectations and preconceived notions were answered with this show. Megadeth is incredible live. Recently, the band released "Risk," their latest CD and newest endeavor with somewhat of a change in musical direction for the band. The sound is a bit more melodic, but it's  definitely worth picking up. 

In terms of what bands will take the front spot in the world of Heavy  Metal for the new century is uncertain but this recent show in the Las  Vegas is an indication that Megadeth will play a pivotal role.

The year 2000 is on track to be a great year in Heavy Metal! 

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