Ventura Theater, 08/98

Reviewed by Lou Moreau

What was most interesting about this particular concert is that most of the people in the audience that night seemed to be there to see the opening act - Ventura's own Helarage. The place was full when the band took the stage and the crowd went nuts over their rough-edged and raw rock'n'roll. I had heard that these guys played for the fun of it and this show proved just that. Nevertheless, their songs are well-written, they are competetent musicians and excellent showmen. Their set was very well received.

That being said, MERCYFUL FATE took the stage with a vengeance and blasted through their set. The band was tight, the songs well-chosen and King Diamond was dead on. Played were classics, new stuff and everything between. The crowd loved this show as well.

All told, it was a great night for loud rock at the Ventura Theater.

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