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Ventura Theater, Ventura, CA; 04/24/99

Reviewed by Pud

Mike Ness, the leader of punk band Social Distortion, was in Ventura playing songs from his just released solo CD Cheating at Solitaire (click here to read our review). It was an evening of punk-tinged country and rockabilly songs, with a couple of love songs thrown in for good measure. This was only the second time that Ness and his new backing band had played in public so it was kind of weird. The theater was about 80% full, but a lot of the crowd was there to see a full on raging punk concert. Boy, were they surprised. Even though the hardcore folks didn't get to see all those classic Social D songs, they did get to see a collection of very cool songs, that were performed very well. Personally, I had a great time until I got busted for smoking what God puts naturally on this earth. But that's another story. Enjoy!

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