House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV, 07/06/03

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel

The House of Blues Las Vegas continues its tradition of presenting over the top concerts. This time, the HOB played host to the infamous Marilyn Manson. 

Before the show, fans lined up in front of the HOB waiting for the doors to open. Some were sporting a Goth starter kit and some were dressed as MM's long lost relative. But enough about the Goth fans. 

Once the doors opened I was informed that the show was sold out. It was no surprise that the opening act was also from the Ozzfest tour. Memento ... they kicked ass. 

Once Memento finished their set the wait was on. Before too long, Marilyn and company took the stage with music from their new album, "The Golden Age of Grotesque." The show opened with "Intro" then rode ride into "This is the New Shit." Other songs from the new album included "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag" and "(s)AINT." But the most impressive new track was "Mobscene." It drove the hard-core fans on the floor into a literal mobscene of their own. Bodies flew and fans sang back to their leader. During this track, a marquee in bright red neon letters spelled out "mobscene." In addition to the sign, two female dancers dressed in 1940s burlesque-style military outfits danced around onstage. The fans were sucked in to MM's live theatrics. 

As any loyal MM fan knows, theatrics are part of the show, but the music stands on its own. All the songs are unique and well-written. In fact, "The Golden Age of Grotesque" kicks ass. It a must buy. 

In addition to new stuff, MM performed his classic tunes, "Dopeshow," "Beautiful People," "Disposable Teens" and "Sweet Dreams" just to name a few. All these songs sounded awesome. Vocally, Manson was on fire. His interaction with the crowd and his trademark scary posses were all well received.

Manson sounded great and looked very cool. Sporting a black burlesque hat during some of the songs showed he has a sense of dark humor. Toward the end, he wore Mickey Mouse-style ears and had a podium while performing the classic "Fight Song." 
An addition to the stage included a large blowup MM head with Mickey ears, proving once again his shows are over the top.

Besides his talent as the General of this goth style group, Manson's band played their instruments very well. With the departure of Twiggy, however, I was a little apprehensive of future stage chemistry. My fears were put to rest when Tim Skold took over on bass . Skold is a veteran bass player who fits the band well and is one talented musician. He was very well received that evening. His image included blond hair, messy red lipstick, and an oversized bass.

John Five also played like the pro he is. He is no doubt one of the most talented guitarists I have seen on the Las Vegas House of Blues stage. 

I can easily and truthfully conclude the this show is a must-see. These guys kicked ass. Goth or whatever, Marilyn Manson rocks!!! 

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