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House of Blues; Las Vegas, NV; 09/09/01

Reviewed by Richard Fenkel and Dave E. Brown

    It was not business as usual at the House of Blues, Las Vegas. For the first time in a long while, a band invaded the House with an outbreak of raw hard-hitting energy. Loud guitar driven rock and kick ass lyrics with an edge best describes the sound that emanated from the stage. 

    The family titled Nashville Pussy hit the stage with an all out rock assault. From the time the foursome opened the show to their final tune it was a rock show like no other. Great guitar and bass work accompanied by high energy drumming all wrapped up with a talented lead throat. 

    Nashville Pussy's blend of southern rock and punk rock is a winning combination. Great  chemistry and high powered musical energy is what this band is all about. 

    In addition to their raw energy, the band's name elicits interesting thoughts. The band coined their name from the introduction of Ted Nugent's "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang" on the now classic "Double Live Gonzo." Besides a kick ass name, this band of talented musicians hit the stage in Las Vegas with an energy that most bands lack today.

    Lead throat Blaine Cartwright showcased his guitar talent and stage presence from beginning to end. His wife Ruyter Suys plays the lead guitar with an over the top passion for the instrument. She is undoubtedly one of the best guitarists in rock today. She has the energy and enthusiasm that drove the crowd into a mosh frenzy. The song "Go To Hell" was well received by the audience. 

    In addition to great songs, bass player Tracy Almazan and drummer Jeremy Thompson exhibited lots of musical talent. These two very talented professional musicians stand out in today's maze of so-called "musicians."

    Performing high energy songs from their albums "Let Them Eat Pussy" and "High As Hell," Nashville Pussy performed a unique, fresh, high-energy brand of rock that creates new fans and brings back the die hard Pussy fans for more. 

    This is one concert that is a must-see. Rock on Nashville Pussy!

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