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Jaxx; West Springfield, VA; 05/11/01

Reviewed by Christopher J. Kelter

Geek are a young band featuring brothers Jerrimy and Joy who are sons of  Kingís X drummer Jerry Gaskill. Geekís brand of music is definitely part of the modern hard rock and metal movement that features aggression as its main pillar of strength. However, Geek tempers the aggression with a flair  for songwriting, hooks, and endless determination. I canít say that Geek are what Iím looking for in a band , but itís clear to me that Geek have what it takes to separate themselves from the rest of the musical din that bombards us each day. I am here to declare that the world hasnít heard the last of Geek just yet.

PoundHound is Doug Pinnickís solo project to express his musical vision outside of Kingís X. PoundHoundís first release was staggering mix of hard rock, gospel, soul, blues, and funk. It really wasnít a surprise that the CDís title "Massive Grooves" fit the music so well. In preparation for  PoundHoundís second release, "Pineapple Skunk," Pinnick and his mates toured the US on select dates. A small yet obviously excited group of fans attended this PoundHound show anticipating PoundHoundís newest songs even though "Pineapple Skunk" hasnít yet been released to the public.

Pinnick seemed absolutely buoyant this evening; itís obvious Pinnick is very comfortable on the stage Ė his "electric church" just may be the lifeblood of his existence. Pinnick was jumping up and down, smiling, cracking jokes, bantering with the fans. The attitude of the music, be free to be who you are, clearly transformed those in attendance to simply let the music move them to a higher plane no matter how troubled the journey of oneís past experience might be.

Most of the songs early in the set came from ďPineapple SkunkĒ and it was easy to tell that these songs were in the same vein as the debut "Massive Grooves" Ė lots of soulful and funky rock'n'roll in brief yet complete songs that didnít overstay their welcome. One of my favorite songs included  the soulful yearning of "Atlanta." The later part of the set featured material from "Massive Grooves" and the fans really responded to the older material if only due to the familiarity factor.

Often in my search for the next heaviest band I forget that the simple pleasures of music can be found in artists like Doug Pinnick, whether it be in Kingís X or PoundHound, who really espouse the belief that music can set us free if we only allow it.

Joining Doug was Christian Nesmith on rhythm guitar, Len Sonier on bass, and Erik Tatuaka on drums.

Hail to JAXX for supporting great music!

Hail to Brian, Kevin, Billy, and Ellen Ė good music is better with good friends.

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